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Benefits of Radiant Heat Installation

No matter where you live, heating your home is important to keep you and your family comfortable and happy. Today, there are a wide variety of heating options available to homeowners, in addition to the customary methods like forced-air and hot water; there are other heating alternatives. One increasingly popular alternative is radiant heat installation.

Radiant heat systems can heat your house through the floors, walls and ceilings. There are two types of systems: hydronic (liquid-based) systems are the most common, and there are also electric systems available.

Radiant heating is more efficient than baseboard heating and most other types of heat. Unlike forced air heat for example, no energy is lost inside the ducts. The lack of moving air reduces distribution of allergens, which is beneficial to people with allergies.

Radiant heating is very consistent and comfortable, and may be a suitable option for your home. Contact us to discuss our radiant heat installation in NJ as well as other home heating alternatives.

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