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Plumbing Maintenance

Priority Customer Plumbing Service Agreement

Between repair costs and overall inconvenience, this NJ plumbing company understands the headaches that come along with an unexpected plumbing issue.  Don’t get stuck wishing you had done something earlier to avoid a plumbing mishap. With Brown’s Priority Customer Service Agreement, you can take care of your home’s plumbing service needs before a problem arises and rest assured that a technician can help 7-days a week 24-hours a day for emergency service. See what plan below best suits your needs. If you would like more information about our service contracts, contact us today or call us at 1-800-741-0694.

Plan #1: Hot Water Heater Service

Gas Includes: flush sediment deposits, clean burners and pilots, check flue drafts, and overall tank condition.
Electric Includes: Check thermostats, check heat elements, flush sediment deposits, and check all electrical connections for corrosion.

$78.95 for 1st tank
$45.00 each additional

Plan #2: Whole House Plumbing Service
Includes the following:

  • Check washing machine hoses and water valves
  • Check dryer vent ducts
  • Check toilet valves and floats for leaks
  • Check all sink valves and pipes for leaking and operation
  • Check all visible waste pipes for leaks and condition (camera inspection available at discounted rate)
  • Check all faucet screens clean of debris
  • Check all outdoor hose bibs for leaks and operation
  • Check sump pump condition and operation
  • Check garbage disposal connection and operation
  • Check dehumidifier operation

Includes 1 kitchen, 3 bathrooms and 1 hot water heater. Contract provides 20% off all future plumbing emergencies, 10% off all new water heaters. Guaranteed same day emergency service.

$150.00 for non-heating cooling service contract customers
$35.00 each additional bathroom and kitchen
$40.00 each additional hot water heater

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