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The Benefits of Hiring Licensed, Professional Plumbers

A part of being a homeowner in New Jersey means that sooner or later you’ll have to deal with some sort of plumbing problem. Whether it’s as simple as unclogging a drain and changing out a worn washer or a bigger issue such as water heater problems or new construction that requires installation of new pipes, inspections from licensed, professional plumbers at Brown’s will give you a peace of mind offering warranty backed plumbing repairs. Just... Read More

Reading Your Water Meter to Find Plumbing Leaks

Has your water bill been extra high lately? There’s a chance you have a plumbing leak. The trusted plumbers at Browns have provided some great tips below to find out if you have pesky plumbing leaks by performing a simple 30 minute water meter reading test. Startling Water Leak Stats Water leaks can happen anywhere from a pipe under your house to a leak in the lawn irrigation system. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency... Read More

Video Pipe Inspection — Why You Should Get One

Because most pipes are out of sight, they are often out of mind as well. In fact, the majority of people don’t give their pipes any thought until something goes wrong. At that point, though, the issue is usually a serious one. To save time, money and a lot of frustration pipe inspections should be done regularly. One important type of inspection is the video camera scope inspection.   Why You Need Your Pipes Inspected You may agree that putting... Read More

Announcement Regarding Manville Water System from NJ Plumbers

Starting from the 24th of July, beginning at 7 in the afternoon, the American Water Dept. of the state of New Jersey is going to initiate emergency fixes on the sixty inch water transmission main that is located in Manville in New Jersey. This water transmission delivers water to nineteen municipalities in 4 different American counties. The company stated that the estimated time needed for these repairs to be carried out is approximately twenty four... Read More

NJ Plumbers Remind You to Call Before You Dig

The pipe system in the United States has been taking in many hits over these past years. It all started back in 1968 when a bulldozer that was doing some work at a day care center in Hapeville, Georgia hit a pipe line. While it was operating, it hit a pipeline and broke it. It was a one inch pipe. The gas that escaped from the pipes caught on fire and created a fireball that claimed the lives of 9 people including 7 young children from the daycare. Since... Read More

NJ Plumbers & NJ Air Conditioning Technicians Mourn the Loss of a National Treasure

Sadly, the first woman from the United States of America to ever step into space, Sally Ride, has passed away at the age of 61 after battling pancreatic cancer for more than one and a half years. She died on her own bed in her house located in San Diego. According to the spokesperson of Sally Ride Science, Terry McEntee stated that she was always a secretive person and this is why all of the details about her battle with cancer were not known to the... Read More

Service and Repairs by NJ Professional Plumbers

Some people tend to deal with their plumbing problems with their own hands. Some times for the minor problems this can be effective. The issues arise is if there is a big problem in a plumbing fixture, if the home owner decides to deal with it himself, he might actually make it worse and it will cost him extra expenses to get it fixed. This is due to the fact that the experience and the skills that a professional plumber has would make it much safer... Read More

Which NJ Plumbing Company Should I Choose?

It is a known fact that if you are a household owner, then you are destined to face plumbing related problems, whether it is a clogged toilet or a sink or flushing problems. These problems can hit you at any time of the year. The problem is that a lot of plumbers in the state of New Jersey will only offer their services during specific times during the year. This is why it is essential to find plumbers in New Jersey who are willing to aid you with... Read More

NJ Plumbers are Ready for Service and Repairs

It doesn’t require much experience in plumbing in order to repair small plumbing problems such as changing the outlet valve of a certain fixture to avoid a leak. Although this knowledge is important, but there are problems that can’t be fixed with minimum knowledge and it has to be dealt with by a professional New Jersey plumbing company. Many people tend to fix their own plumbing problems, even if they are big ones that need professionals. They... Read More

NJ Plumbers Must be Licensed

In order for any NJ plumber to become a master plumber, they will have to undergo an examination to gain the license to become a licensed master plumber. This license can only be obtained from the NJ State Board of Examiners of Master Plumbers. It is the only authority that can issue such a license. Before 2010, all plumbers had to be licensed, master or apprentice but since 2010, only master plumbers are obligated by law to become licensed. A master... Read More

How to Keep NJ Plumber Repair Costs to a Minimum

If you live in New Jersey and you face problems with plumbing leaks and you need to cut down on plumbing maintenance. Many people in NJ who are owners of an old house or a condo face this problem. Although old houses are beautifully designed and have a lot of open spaces, that unfortunately comes with a price. They come with a hefty sum of plumbing problems because the whole plumbing system is as old as the house so it tends to get broken or clogged.... Read More

Professional Plumbers Can Help with Plumbing Issues at Home

Being a house owner means that sooner or later you are going to have to deal with plumbing problems that are going to appear at your house. This is exactly why you need to have a plumber that you can contact as soon as a plumbing problem occurs so he can get right on it as soon as possible. This is vital because dealing with the plumbing problems has to be instant, because the simplest of problems can evolve into bigger problems if left unaddressed. So... Read More

NJ Plumbers, Rules and Regulations

Being NJ Plumbers not only takes a mastery of pipes, wrenches and plungers, it also takes a mastery of rules, guidelines and laws set forth by the State of New Jersey. It’s highly unlikely that any non-plumber, lawyer or lawmaker has taken a look at the New Jersey Plumbing Code, but there’s quite a bit of text on the subject. Designed on a national level by The National Standard Plumbing Code and adopted by the State of New Jersey, the... Read More

NJ Plumbing Company, Playing a Crucial Role in Your Homes Safety

Plumbing systems play a crucial role for the full-functioning nature of your home. Without it, distribution of potable drinking water your family needs will not be possible as well as the elimination of waterborne wastes. While plumbing systems are meticulously designed and engineered to thrive for long periods of time without breaking, certain conditions and activities may hinder its function. If you are within New Jersey, you are in luck as there... Read More

Services Provided by NJ Plumbers

There are a number of different services provided by NJ plumbers. Most people are not aware of all the jobs a professional plumber can perform, which include routine inspections. An inspection is often performed when someone is considering buying a home. It can also be performed when someone wants to upgrade the plumbing inside an older home. The inspection will allow the plumber to provide advice on which areas need to be repaired or replaced within... Read More

Hire NJ Plumbers to Service Your Pipes

Do you need the pipes in your home or office building serviced, then you should use NJ plumbers to do so. You will need to look for a plumber that listens to what you have to say and completes the job required. By using plumbers in NJ, you will find professional people familiar with the area, affordable plumbers that will not overcharge and plumbers who do not have to travel a long distance. NJ plumbers are professional people who are already familiar... Read More

NJ Plumbers Emergency Service

NJ plumbers are the smart way to ensure homes are leak free and appliances are installed according to industry accepted standards. Most technicians are dispatched with the latest technology, are amiable and are trained and equipped to handle any type of emergency. Repair Leaks with Reputable Plumbers Leaky pipes and clogged sinks are a problem that actually presents a health risk to a home’s occupants. Leaks can lead to damp insulation in the walls,... Read More

From Plumbing Problems to Running Water, NJ Plumbing Company

You never notice how important your water heater, toilets, or drains are until they suddenly stop working or begin to have problems. It is especially annoying if you are entertaining, late to work, or don’t have money to get it fixed. It is then that you suddenly are in need of a NJ plumbing company. You don’t want to be inconvenienced in the least and you don’t want to deal with an extra hassle, so where do you even begin? Start... Read More

What to Expect from a NJ Plumbing Company

An NJ plumbing company should try to give you a good look into their services through a detailed profile on their website. They should provide a rundown of all the services they offer. Any professional NJ plumbing company should have all the details provided so that you can figure out how much you’re going to have to pay to get your plumbing problem fixed. The problem is that it’s not that simple. Even if the problem appears to be with... Read More

What to Look for in a Professional NJ Plumbing Company

Whether you need a plumber to fix an unexpected emergency or want to do some plumbing renovations throughout your house, there are specific things to look for when choosing a professional NJ plumbing company. One of the best ways to choose from among the many plumbing companies available is to ask trusted family members or friends for referrals. If they have already had good success using a particular service, it is very likely you will be pleased... Read More

3 Tips for Finding Professional NJ Plumbers You Can Trust to Take Care of Your Home

When it comes to finding professional NJ plumbers who you can trust with all of your plumbing needs, it is important to consider some important points. After all, your home is probably one of your most valuable possessions and ensuring that the person you hire will be able to provide top-quality work is essential. Additionally, today’s homeowners are often extremely busy and they need to have a professional that they can count on to arrive on time... Read More

5 Questions to Ask NJ Plumbers before They Begin Work on Your Home

There comes a time in almost every homeowner’s life when they have to hire a plumber. But instead of just allowing anyone inside your home, there are some questions you should ask to make sure you choose one that will do a good job. For example, you will always want to know if they are licensed. All NJ plumbers should meet state training requirements, and their license should be up to date. Know Your NJ Plumbers You should also ask your plumber... Read More

NJ Plumbers at Your Service

You may experience plumbing system failure in times you might not expect. You may experience confusion on who to trust when this time comes. Or, you may want to experience a better plumbing system. There’s no need to worry much. NJ plumbers will rescue you as they are well known for quality service in plumbing repairs and installations. New Jersey plumbers provide services, tried and tested through years of existence, upholding professionalism all... Read More

Tips for Finding Licensed NJ Plumbers

If you are looking for a plumber, then you need to know that they are trustworthy; that they can do the job at hand, and that they are legally able to work on any job that you give them. Also, you need to make sure that you are looking in the right places to find NJ plumbers. Where to Look for Licensed NJ Plumbers If you want to find licensed NJ plumbers, you need to make sure that you do a checkup on whatever companies you look into, to make certain... Read More

Licenses for NJ Plumbers

Before you let any contract worker into your home, you should know a little bit about them. Even with plumbers, you should check out their credentials and licensing. Unlicensed plumbers can cause insurance issues and other problems for New Jersey homeowners later on if a repair or installation fails. Residents who are new to an area or new to home-owning can often find it difficult to find reliable tradesmen to do repairs around the home. You can... Read More

Ask a NJ Plumbing Company: How Can I Save on My Water Bill?

If your water bills have been going up, it may not necessarily be because the cost of utilities is on the rise. A drastic jump in your water bill could mean that you have a major (or even minor) plumbing need in your home. Here are a few tips from a NJ plumbing company to help you determine if there might be a need for plumbing service in your home. A Few Tips from a NJ Plumbing Company The most common cause for a water bill to see an increase is... Read More

Why A NJ Plumbing Company is Important in Home Inspections?

Finding faults related to plumbing is essential for any house owner, but is all the more important for anyone looking to buy a house; it will help you save time, effort and also money at a later stage. If you are looking to buy a house in New Jersey, you can hire a NJ plumbing company to send its home inspectors for checking the plumbing on your property. Home inspectors who come for plumbing evaluations are certified professionals, experts in this... Read More

Sometimes You Just Need to Call an NJ Plumbing Company

Every house needs some plumbing service from time to time. Some of these plumbing procedures are easy and you can even do some yourself even if you are not an expert in that field. However, there are several issues that you cannot see if you are not an expert and this could result in serious consequences in the future if they are not detected early and repaired promptly. If you live in New Jersey you will have to know some of these companies in order... Read More

NJ Plumbing Company: Who Are They and What They Do

You know those questions; the ones that are so ridiculously easy to answer yet no words come out of your mouth. “What does water taste like?” “How do you ride a bicycle?” Well a plumber and what they actually do is sort of like that, and no they don’t “plumb.” So what is a plumber exactly? A plumber is a tradesperson, who generally works for a NJ plumbing company and specializes at installing and maintaining systems used... Read More

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