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The History Behind 40 Years of Success: Brown’s Heating and Cooling NJ

Brownie and Joyce. Circa 2000. If you’ve ever searched for a heating and cooling NJ contractor, it can seem tough to tell them apart initially. But, while many companies may seem similar on the surface, it’s the rich history and ingrained values that makes one stand out from the rest. As Brown’s Heating, Cooling and Plumbing celebrates 40 years of success, we take a look into what has made them who they are today. You have options when you need... Read More

6 Signs of a Reliable Family Heating and Cooling Service Company

Whether you’re deciding on what to choose off the menu for dinner or looking for a reliable family heating and cooling service company; too many options can be overwhelming. It’s important for New Jersey residents to find a way to navigate through all the options to find a heating company that is professional, dependable and knowledgeable. Below we’ve covered 6 signs to be on the look-out for that will tell you that you’ve indeed found the... Read More

The Importance of Air Duct Cleaning for Proper AC Flow

Heating and air conditioning systems run all year long in New Jersey in order to keep homes at a comfortable temperature. Over time, the pipes that bring air into the house can accumulate dust, dirt, pollen, animal dander and other airborne contaminants. Not only does cleaning your air ducts extend the life of your HVAC equipment, but it also is a great step towards improving the air quality of your home. Fortunately, Brown’s Heating Cooling &... Read More

HVAC Installation Options for a Garage Conversion

When New Jersey homeowners are in need of more living space, one solution is to convert the garage into an additional usable living area. A project like this is exciting (who doesn’t want a game room or man-cave, right?) but it requires quite a bit of preparation besides just clearing out the boxes of holiday decorations. A garage conversion will add square footage and boost the value of the property; however, it is also the one place in a home... Read More

How to Fix Hot And Cold Spots in Your Home

Are you finding hot and cold spots in your home? It could be because of a number of problems with your AC. If your HVAC system is not heating or cooling consistently throughout your home, the problem may be easier to locate than you think. Our HVAC experts have provided the following steps to troubleshoot hot and cold spots in your home and help improve the performance of your AC system. Common HVAC Problems • Ductwork: Your home’s ductwork is... Read More

Solving Common Toilet Problems

Toilet issues are one of the most frustrating plumbing problems to experience. Not only does it just sound troublesome, but a stubborn commode can really clog up your day. Our plumbing experts at Brown’s have put together a list of five common toilet problems and how to solve them.  1. Phantom Flushes – Water Trickling Into the Bowl Have you ever heard the toilet spontaneously refilling? Plumbers call a unit that cuts on and off by itself a phantom... Read More

Conserve Water in Your Home With These Tips

While most New Jersey homeowners are making efforts to save money on utilities, many are also putting more focus on becoming more environmentally friendly with water conservation. Did you know: On average, 10 gallons per day of your water footprint (or 14% of your indoor use) is lost to leaks. The most effective ways to cut your water footprint is by repairing leaky faucets, installing new water-efficient fixtures and by making a conscious effort... Read More

The 6 Most Common Air Conditioner Problems

The worst time to find out you have a problem with your air conditioner is in the dead heat of a New Jersey summer. By taking a moment to scan your HVAC unit, you might find the culprit before your home turns into a sticky mess. Our HVAC team has compiled a list of some of the common air conditioner problems we see during our repair and maintenance inspections to help you spot an issue sooner. Why Your Air Conditioner Might Not Be Working 1. Leaks... Read More

Heat Safety Awareness

New Jersey summers are definitely hot. With temperatures reaching over 85 degrees Fahrenheit and the heat index hitting 90degrees or more, heat cramps, heat exhaustion and heat stroke can sneak up on Garden State residents if they are not informed and prepared to beat the heat. Brown’s Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing cares about your safety and we urge all residents to read up on these heat safety tips (then share them with your friends): 1. Stay... Read More

Purify Your Home’s Air with Greens! Part 1

You can filter the air in your home various different ways. Upgrading and regularly cleaning your home’s HVAC air filter is essential, but you can go beyond that by simply adding some greenery. All indoors plants (even those with flowers) are able to purify indoor air to some extent through their normal photosynthesis processes. According to research conducted by NASA scientists, some plants are more beneficial than others in removing harmful... Read More

How Does a Hot Water Heater Work? – Hot Water Heater Repair in NJ

Your hot water heater might not look like much, but without it you would be extremely unhappy. Unless you are one of those people who takes cold showers all the time, a hot water heater is your best friend, especially in the winter. But, how does it work? How Your Hot Water Heater Works Your hot water heater runs on a principle familiar to all of us. It’s a simple one that turns a relatively unimpressive looking piece of metal into a subtly ingenious... Read More

Importance of Proper Humidity Levels in the Winter (Keeping It High)

Humidity levels drop in the winter in New Jersey, wreaking havoc on your skin and creating an environment that makes you and your family more susceptible to illnesses. If you have a respiratory issue like asthma, you will be considerably affected by dry winter air. Humidity levels need to be sustained during the winter in order to create a healthy environment. Humidifiers can help individual rooms or entire homes depending on what kind of humidifier... Read More

Choosing a Generator for Your Home

You should be prepared for anything. Super Storm Sandy was the worst-case-scenario for many people living in New Jersey, but you need to be ready for the worst-case-scenario. A generator goes a long way in the protection of your home and your family. There are many benefits to a professionally installed, whole house generator. While you are choosing a generator for your home in New Jersey, make sure you ask the following questions: What Kind of Fuel... Read More

Brown’s, Residential and Commercial Heating Company, Receives Warm Welcome in Shrewsbury

Residential and Commercial Heating Company Opens New Location Little Silver-based Brown’s Heating & Cooling, a 36-year old service company specializing in residential and commercial heating, cooling and plumbing, received a warm welcome to the Shrewsbury business community from Mayor Donald Burden at a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Saturday, June 15, the official grand opening of the new company showroom located at 427 Broad Street, Shrewsbury.... Read More

Lower energy bills on heating systems in Little Silver NJ

Little Silver takes advantage of NJ Incentives for Lowering Energy Bills via Energy Efficient Heating and Cooling Systems How can you lower your energy bills on heating systems in Little Silver NJ? As part of the federal government’s nationwide implementation of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), the State of New Jersey received substantial amounts of funding for its energy efficiency programs and renewable energy projects. These... Read More

Brown’s NJ HVAC Company’s Fair Haven Community News

NJ News from a Top Rated NJ HVAC Company Brown’s Heating and Cooling NJ HVAC company would like to congratulate the high school students of the class of 2012 in the state of New Jersey who achieved great numbers as they surpassed the national benchmarks in terms of average scores in the ACT exam. On a nationwide level, the readiness scores are very high in English and reading in comparison with math and science. Only forty six percent of the high... Read More

Turn your Trash into Treasure With NJ HVAC Company

Brown’s Heating & Cooling NJ HVAC Company’s Community Look, New Jersey’s Oldest Fridge Contest! Your old, outdated refrigerator may not win any beauty contests, but it could still be worth something. New Jersey residents who have antiquated fridges or freezers can earn money for recycling their used products. The Board of Public Utilities (BPU) is hosting an Oldest Freezer Contest this summer. Anyone with a fridge older that’s... Read More

Studies Show that Air Conditioning Service NJ Tune Ups Increase Efficiency

Some people don’t like to do regular maintenance and checks on their AC systems in order to save money. They can’t be more wrong, this is due to the fact that when you don’t do regular checkups and maintenance, any small problems that are left unaddressed will easily evolve into much bigger problems that will cost you a lot more than the regular check. So this actually costs you more money, this is why it is advised to get a licensed NJ A.C... Read More

NJ Plumbers are Ready for Service and Repairs

It doesn’t require much experience in plumbing in order to repair small plumbing problems such as changing the outlet valve of a certain fixture to avoid a leak. Although this knowledge is important, but there are problems that can’t be fixed with minimum knowledge and it has to be dealt with by a professional New Jersey plumbing company. Many people tend to fix their own plumbing problems, even if they are big ones that need professionals. They... Read More

NJ Plumbers Must be Licensed

In order for any NJ plumber to become a master plumber, they will have to undergo an examination to gain the license to become a licensed master plumber. This license can only be obtained from the NJ State Board of Examiners of Master Plumbers. It is the only authority that can issue such a license. Before 2010, all plumbers had to be licensed, master or apprentice but since 2010, only master plumbers are obligated by law to become licensed. A master... Read More

What it takes to be Master NJ Plumbers

Sure, for some NJ plumbers they are born with a gift for fixing leaks and a predilection for all things plumbing. Even those born with the gift, still have to pass the Master Plumber’s Licensing Exam to work as Master NJ plumbers. It’s not an easy exam either, and even the pre-requisite requirements are very strict. NJ plumbers have to have in-depth knowledge about mathematics, storm drains, NJ Contracting Laws and have had five years... Read More

NJ Plumbers, Rules and Regulations

Being NJ Plumbers not only takes a mastery of pipes, wrenches and plungers, it also takes a mastery of rules, guidelines and laws set forth by the State of New Jersey. It’s highly unlikely that any non-plumber, lawyer or lawmaker has taken a look at the New Jersey Plumbing Code, but there’s quite a bit of text on the subject. Designed on a national level by The National Standard Plumbing Code and adopted by the State of New Jersey, the... Read More

What to Look for from a NJ Plumbing Company

If you own a home, then you can expect a plumbing issue at some point. It’s just a fact of home ownership, things break, they need to be fixed or replaced and with a NJ NJ plumbing company, you’ll have that problem solved quickly. Obviously, you will want to have a trustworthy and affordable NJ plumbing company, but what is it that the homeowner should look for in deciding between all the companies that are available? Something that is not always... Read More

The Weather’s Heating Up! Take Care of Your Air Conditioning Installation in NJ Soon

With global warming continuing to escalate, the rays of the sun have been unbearable. Whether you’re at the office or simply at home, the scorching summer heat can definitely take its toll on your body and mind. In New Jersey, the community receives between 2,300 to 2,700 hours of sunshine yearly. Summers are usually warm and humid, with statewide elevated temperatures reaching up to 80 to 86?F. To cool things off, why not consider an air conditioning... Read More

Air Conditioning Repair NJ – Get It Before It Is Too Late

Does your commercial or residential building need an HVAC upgrade? If you experiencing problems with your unit, there could be many reasons for it: maybe either you need a repair or upgrade. Either way, it is best to call a technician from a reputable Air Conditioning Service NJ company to get your unit back on track. Most of the companies offer services both for commercial and residential needs and they range anywhere from maintenance and repairs... Read More

An Important Job, Air Conditioning Installation in NJ

Air conditioning installation is an important job that should be done by professional installers. Using a pro for an air conditioning installation in NJ ensures that the job will be done quickly and efficiently. Professional installers are able to set up quality air conditioning equipment in virtually any setting. The difference between a professional air conditioning installation in NJ and air conditioning installation done by nonprofessionals lies... Read More

Air Conditioner Service NJ: How to Avoid Pricey Repairs

Knowledgeable business and homeowners know that when it comes to their air conditioning units, maintenance is a much better option than repairs. A wide range of services offered by air conditioning service NJ professionals can save companies from their customers being annoyed with the heat, and the staff having reduced productivity. Homeowners can also save themselves from expensive repair bills for equipment problems due to damaged and tattered components.... Read More

Protect Your Investment with Professional Air Conditioning Installation in NJ

If you have made the decision to invest in a new air conditioner for your home, then you want to make sure that you spend your money efficiently and choose the best installer possible for this costly piece of equipment. Sure, you can pick up the phone book and just start calling numbers, but that does guarantee that the job will be completed correctly. Instead, take the following steps to make sure that you are getting the best service possible when... Read More

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