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How to Handle Emergency Water Heater Repair

emergency water heater repair BrownsYou expect your water heater to deliver consistent hot water all year long for your family’s comfort and safety needs—especially during New Jersey winters. However, unforeseen problems may cause poor performance or even a complete breakdown in your system. Know what conditions require emergency water heater repair and what can wait for a scheduled appointment. Understanding the difference between an emergency and a simple breakdown will allow you to handle the situation properly, reduce the cost and impact on the comfort and safety of your home.

How Do I Know If I Need Emergency Water Heater Repair

Emergency water heater repair may be required for any plumbing problem that occurs to your hot water heater making it unsafe or unhealthy for your family. If your system performs at anything less than its full capacity, it can cause major problems. Water heater emergencies can include full system breakdowns, no hot water and leaking or pooling water

Other repair needs include inadequate amount of hot water, strange noises coming from your unit or rusty colored water. These problems need attention, but you can usually schedule an appointment for these problems during business hours, saving yourself money and convenience. 

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What Do I Do if My Water Heater Malfunctions

If your water heater malfunctions, the first step is to turn off both the power and water supply to the water heater to prevent further damage.

Next, call the emergency water heater repair service at Brown’s (1-800-741-0694) to evaluate and repair your system as soon as possible. Emergency repair services provide help from our qualified plumbing technicians outside of normal business hours. If there is an emergency, Brown’s has plumbers on call 24/7, so you don’t have to wait for an appointment when you need your water heater suddenly quits. This is especially important to remember as we enter into the colder winter months in New Jersey.

Can I Prevent Emergency Water Heater Repairs?

The best way to prevent emergency water heater repairs is to schedule regular maintenance for your system. Maintenance services improve overall water heater performance and extend its lifespan. Water heater maintenance also gives your plumbing technician the opportunity to evaluate every component of your system thoroughly and alert you to possible problems. 

During your tune-up, the technician can replace worn out small parts or identify loose components that need tightening. These issues can then be addressed immediately, rather than waiting until they cause more serious plumbing problems in the future.

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Diagnose Your Problem and Save Big with Brown’s

Whether you need scheduled maintenance or emergency water heater repair, Brown’s Heating, Cooling & Plumbing has the trained plumbing technicians ready to assist you. One of the best ways to save on plumbing maintenance is to invest in a maintenance service agreement. Whether you need HVAC or plumbing services, all plans include 7-day, 24-hour emergency service. If you would like more information about our service contracts, please fill out this form or call us at 1-800-741-0694.