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No Hot Water? | Boiler Repair Services in Monmouth County

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Is your shower giving you the cold shoulder? Does it seem like cold showers are becoming a frustratingly regular part of your life? What’s the problem? We get a lot of calls for boiler repair services in Monmouth County, NJ and our experts have the inside scoop on what could be wrong.

Let’s take a look at some common reasons why your boiler stops producing heat.

Reasons Why Your Boiler Stops Producing Heat

Nothing is more frustrating than trying to take a hot shower or relax in your hot tub, but your boiler has stopped producing heat…especially in our frigid Monmouth County, NJ winters! If you’re having trouble with your boiler, one of several reasons could be to blame.

No Power

When we get calls for boiler repair services, it’s usually a blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker that’s to blame. It’s a simple fix that NJ homeowners can check themselves before calling in for help.

Low Water Levels

If the water level in the boiler is lower than half-full, pressure will decrease. These conditions occur if the water in the boiler drum falls below the low water level mark and can severely damage the unit.

Malfunctioning Electronic Ignition or Pilot Light

Electronic ignitions are standard on modern furnaces. They save on the amount of fuel used, but can develop their own problems. Whether it’s a small crack, due to wear-and-tear or a clicking noise, ignition system malfunctions can present big problems for your boiler that an HVAC technician should handle.

Troubleshoot the Thermostat

Lack of heat coming from your boiler? There’s a chance your thermostat could be to blame. Double check that your thermostat is set to heat mode and try adjusting the setting to the desired temperature.

Boiler Repair Services for Your Monmouth County, NJ Home

If your boiler stops providing hot water, it’s important to fix it immediately. But, working with boilers can be dangerous, so proper care is required. As always, if you’re not sure of what you’re doing, leave the repairs to the professionals.

Our team of repair services professionals can help diagnose the problem quickly and efficiently! We offer a variety of dependable service options for commercial and residential properties throughout Monmouth or Ocean County, NJ. If you are dealing with boiler repair issues or require an HVAC maintenance checkup, call Brown’s Heating, Cooling and Plumbing at 732-741-0694.