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5 Signs You Need Sump Pump Repair

Sump Pump Repair Browns

April showers may bring May flowers, but these same showers tend to wreak havoc on many basements and crawl spaces throughout New Jersey. Just because your home stayed dry last year doesn’t mean that it will be able to handle the rain in the future. It’s best to prepare for the worst by scheduling regular sump pump maintenance service and paying attention to signs that you may need a sump pump repair.

Spring is Busy Season for Sump Pump Repairs in NJ

So, how do you know if you need sump pump repair? Our plumbing experts explain.

1. Age

Like most appliances, sump pumps aren’t designed to last forever. Sump pumps have an average life expectancy of around ten years. Several factors can affect how long your sump pump will last including: maintenance, frequency of use, electrical source, quality of the unit, etc. If you suspect your sump pump is nearing the end of its lifespan, contact a Brown’s plumber to come out and inspect the unit to determine whether replacement or repairs are necessary.

2. Running WIth No Water in the Pit

If your sump pump is running, but no water appears to be in the pit, chances are that it was installed or hooked up incorrectly or that your drainage system is clogged. No matter the cause, if your pit is without water, disconnect the pump and then contact your local plumber to schedule a repair.

3. Clogs

If your sump pump doesn’t have a lid, dirt, debris and other contaminants could get in the sump pit. This can lead to dirty mechanical parts, a jammed float switch and clogs that will cause it to slow down and eventually stop.

4. Noise

Louder than normal noises are a common indicator that your sump pump needs repair. Pumps will make a sound when they’re working, but irregular sounds, like thuds, grinding, or rattling could indicate a problem with the motor. The good news is that many motors can be repaired or replaced without needing to install an entirely new sump pump system.

5. Overdrive

If your sump pump is running continuously, despite the weather outside, you should call for repair as soon as possible. Delaying this issue will result in an overworked pump that could fail when bad weather strikes. Get a plumber to inspect it immediately.

Call Brown’s to Handle Your Sump Pump Repair

Whether you’re a Monmouth County resident or business owner, Brown’s professional plumbers will make sump pump repairs for you as quick and painless as possible. With flat rate pricing and warranty backed repairs, we are available 24/7 for all your heating, cooling and plumbing emergency needs.

Is your sump pump ready for spring?

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