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Help! My Heater Is Not Working As It Should (And More Common Concerns)

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Help! My heater is not working, what should I do before calling for service?

When your heater is not working, it’s common to feel a sense of panic. Breathe. Before you pick up the phone to schedule heating services, there are a few things you can do to troubleshoot the situation first.

Read below to find out what to do if:

My Heater is Never Reaching the Temperature I Set My Thermostat

his common problem is usually due to an improperly calibrated thermostat. Sure, it’s a nuisance and can drain your energy, but it’s not necessarily an emergency. Often, brand new, “out-of-the-box” thermostats need to be programmed initially; and, even then, they can lose their programming when the batteries lose their juice.  Check WiFi settings: If you have a WiFI enabled thermostat, it may have lost connection, in turn it shut down your system.

Why does this happen?

First, double check the surroundings of your thermostat. If it is located directly above a lamp or another heat source, for example, that can affect how it is reading the temperature in your home. However, if it’s due to a digital malfunction or improper installation, that can also affect the outcome, in which case requires a service call.

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My Heater is Making Strange Sounds

Whether your heater is rattling, knocking or humming, there’s a good chance it’s in need of repair.

A rattling noise, for example, could mean you have loose parts. While this is a relatively simple fix, if left unchecked, it may lead to something more serious (and costly).

If your heater is making strange sounds only when it first starts or right when it stops, it could be caused by contraction and expansion. This is normal and usually does not indicate an issue with the heater. Sometimes you can hear a slight expansion sound of the ductwork, this is normal too.

A humming sound coming from your heater could be because of the blower motor. Again, this could be as simple as a lubrication fix, but if left unchecked could result in decreased efficiency, decreased lifespan of the unit or bigger problems.

Do you have questions or concerns about the strange sounds coming from your HVAC? Don’t hesitate to contact the NJ HVAC professionals at Brown’s for proper inspection.

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My Heater is Blowing Cold Air

If your heater blowing cold air instead of heat, first check that your thermostat is set to “heat” mode and also set to “AUTO.” If your setting reads: “ON,” the blower will be running constantly even when the furnace isn’t heating the air. It’s a simple solution to a very common concern.

But, if that’s all set properly, but your heater is still blowing cold air, it could be either due to a blocked or dirty air filter (that’s an easy fix that homeowners can address themselves) or that there is an ignition problem—furnaces today have an electronic ignition and that can get dirty or malfunction causing a loss of heat. A filter is an easy check, the ignitor requires a service technician.

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My Heater is Turning On and Off

Last, but certainly not least… a common culprit that your heater may not be working as it should is because it’s short cycling.

What does it mean when a furnace is short cycling?

Short cycling is not only an annoying problem during the cold New Jersey winters, but it can also drive up energy bills and cause a premature furnace breakdown (paired with expensive repair costs) if not addressed properly.

Why does short cycling happen?

While it could be due to something as simple as a dirty air filter (so, check that first), a malfunctioning thermostat could be to blame. The problem could also be due to a furnace that’s just too large for your home. This is the worst case scenario as there’s not much a homeowner can do except invest in a new, properly-sized furnace.

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I Have More Questions About My Heater! Brown’s Can Help

As your trusted heating, cooling and plumbing company in Monmouth and Ocean County, NJ and surrounding areas, Brown’s is here to answer any and all of your questions. As the cold weather start creeping in, we want to make sure you and your family are comfortable and safe. Our 100 percent customer satisfaction pledge — and commitment to the community for the past 47 years — sets us apart from other heating companies in the area.

Contact us to learn more.

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