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What is the Average HVAC System Life Expectancy? | HVAC Installation in Monmouth County

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When we install a new heating or cooling system, we’re often asked the question: “What is the average HVAC system life expectancy?”

In other words, how long is it going to last me?

The answer is relatively simple: it all depends on how well you maintain the unit.

But, like all appliances, every manufacturer makes their system slightly different than the other brands. Certain parts are just going to last longer than others. If, for example, a manufacturer produces an HVAC system with a low quality compressor, that unit is not going to have a long life expectancy because compressors can sometimes be more expensive to replace than the entire system itself.

Also, for those who live near the Jersey Shore, salty air can also take a toll on HVAC systems.

HVAC System Life Expectancy Estimates

Let’s take a look at average HVAC system life expectancies based on maintenance,  upkeep and national averages. Keep in mind that these estimates are not guarantees. Any one brand could result in a higher or lower life expectancy.

Suggested Maintenance Tasks for Your HVAC System

  • Change your air filter regularly:
    • 1” and 2” every 1-3 months
    • 5” filters two or three times a year.
  • Schedule seasonal tune-ups
  • Remove debris and clear shrubs from outside unit
  • Install a programmable thermostat to prevent overuse and system strain

Heating System Maintenance: DIY vs Professional Tasks

What is the Longest Lasting HVAC System?

Most manufacturers and HVAC companies agree that homeowners can expect between 15-25 years in their HVAC system’s lifetime. In our experience, some of the longest lasting heating and cooling products available come from Carrier. On average, Carrier air conditioners will last between 12-18 years, while a Carrier gas furnace may last upwards of 20-25 years.

Many variables can affect that, including the frequency of routine maintenance. Below is an estimate for the average central AC or heating system based on level of maintenance. Boilers mostly follow the same estimates, although they tend to last slightly longer (by 1-3 years) than other systems on average.

  • 2-6 years: No Maintenance (1 repair item)    
  • 6-12 years: Little Maintenance (1-2 repair items)       
  • 12-18 years: Some Maintenance (1-3 repair items)          
  • 20+ years: High Maintenance (3-5 repair items)  

HVAC Installation for Your Monmouth County, NJ Home or Business

The bottom line is that an HVAC system’s life expectancy will last longer with regular care. With proper maintenance and regular tune-ups, your HVAC system could last a very long time.

Which Heating Systems Installation Option is Right For Your NJ Home?

At Brown’s, our team of HVAC professionals provide a variety of dependable service options for residential and commercial properties throughout Monmouth or Ocean County, NJ. If you are interested in a new HVAC system or require an HVAC maintenance checkup, call Brown’s Heating, Cooling and Plumbing at 732-741-0694.