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4 Signs That You Need Hot Water Heater Repair

Hot Water Heater Repair Brown's

Do You Need Hot Water Heater Repair?

If your hot water heater needs a repair, you may not know it until you take your first cold shower (unintentionally, of course). But, now comes the big follow-up question… should you schedule a hot water heater repair service or start researching replacement options?

How do you really know if your hot water heater is just acting up or burned out…for good?

The best way to avoid unexpected hot water heater repair or replacement is to a) schedule regular maintenance checks and b) inspect it for these warning signs.

4 Warning Signs of Hot Water Heater Repair


1. Aging Hot Water Heater

Do you know the age of your hot water heater? Look for the manufacturer’s sticker, usually located toward the top of your unit. This will contain the information you need, including the serial number and manufacture date.

Most manufacturers recommend replacing a hot water heater every eight to twelve years. This will depend on a few things, such as the type of unit you have, the rate at which hot water is used, as well as its location. If your hot water heater is within this range, schedule a maintenance check with a trusted NJ plumber.

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2. Water is Just Warm, Not Hot

No hot water? Of course, one of the most noticeable signs that you may need a repair is that your shower stops supplying hot water. For electric heaters, this could indicate that a heating element has burned out. For gas heaters, it could be due to the pilot light or thermocouple not functioning properly.

This is one of the most common signs that a hot water heater needs repair.

3. Discolored Water

Rusty or brownish discoloration in your water could be due to sediment build up inside your tank. It could be an issue with the public water supply, but it can also indicate corrosion. Corrosion can sometimes be fixed by replacing the rusted or damaged part, but more often, it’s a sign you may need a new hot water heater.

4. Leaks

This one seems obvious, but tends to go unnoticed if you don’t visually inspect your tank regularly. It could be something as simple as tightening the fittings or as serious as a crack in your water tank. Either way, it’s best to have the repair experts look into it.

Schedule a quick scan for leaks into your monthly home maintenance routine, along with checking your carbon monoxide detector.

Water Heater Repair Services in Monmouth County, NJ

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