What it takes to be Master NJ Plumbers

Sure, for some NJ plumbers they are born with a gift for fixing leaks and a predilection for all things plumbing. Even those born with the gift, still have to pass the Master Plumber’s Licensing Exam to work as Master NJ plumbers. It’s not an easy exam either, and even the pre-requisite requirements are very strict. NJ plumbers have to have in-depth knowledge about mathematics, storm drains, NJ Contracting Laws and have had five years in practice of the trade. Plumbing is big business and that doesn’t just mean that there are a lot of customers that need plumbing services. NJ plumbers that want to be considered Master plumbers have to be bonded, have approval from the State of New Jersey and pass extensive testing in both law and business.

What is a Master NJ Plumber?

Mastery in plumbing means that an individual is licensed, trained and qualifies in the higher levels of knowledge in the plumbing trade. The Master plumber has advanced technical knowledge that allows them to repair plumbing, install it and also prepare plans for plumbing installations from scratch. The Master plumber answers to a State board and the Department of Law and Public Safety. They also have to stay up to date with changes to techniques and code changes with continuing education.

Apprentice to Master NJ Plumbers

The workload and amount of studying involved to for NJ plumbers to work from being an Apprentice to a Master is staggering. The amount of required hours of education is comparable to that of what a doctor of medicine has to accomplish. It certainly pays off as a career choice though. Master plumbers have the satisfaction of being at the top of their field. They are the experts that homeowners and building owners turn to when they need real solutions, fast repairs and professionalism.

Licensed NJ Plumbers

An Apprentice, Journeyman or Master plumber all have something in common. They are required to be licensed by the State in order to perform work in their field. At every stage of training within the plumbing profession, the plumber is constantly learning and constantly observed by a governing body. So, whether you hire an Apprentice or a Master plumber; you are hiring someone that is responsible and accountable for their actions and performance. That’s simply something that can’t be said for an unlicensed contractor. Before you decide on calling in your brother-in-law to fix a leak in the ceiling, just remember that he isn’t legally permitted to perform repairs unless he is a licensed contractor or plumber. Hire professional NJ plumbers when you want the job done correctly, legally and to your complete satisfaction.