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Before Summer, Complete This HVAC Maintenance Checklist

maintenance checklistWinter and summer are the two most energy draining seasons of the year because you need either heating or cooling to be running almost all day every day. Those heating and cooling costs can add up fast, and we can all use extra tips on how we can save money on those costs.
There are two ways to guarantee money stays in your bank. The first is to make sure you always complete routine maintenance on your HVAC system, while the other way is to ensure you are being as energy efficient as possible.

5 Steps to Make Sure You Check Off

Start your journey towards cheaper home cooling solutions by replacing your air conditioner’s filter. This is something you should always check in the fall and spring to guarantee that your HVAC unit is operating safely and efficiently. Plus, a clean filter means you will have cleaner air throughout your home.
Next, check your thermostat. Set it to “cool” and see if the system starts immediately, or if it takes a little while. You might need to get a repair or replacement part if it takes a little while to come to life.
The third step to necessary summer maintenance is to clean the air conditioning unit. Move any plants or dirt, and clean the coils with a hose (making sure it’s off first).
Now you can check condensation lines, which should run clear and be clog-free, or else you are risking damage on your unit. If you need to clean the lines, use a plumbing snake, and then run a bleach and warm water solution through the pipes.
Finally, spot-check around your home for potential issues. Make sure your insulation is properly placed, and there are no leaks throughout the house.

Energy Reducing Tips to Save Money

While completing this routine maintenance services will help you reduce costs and lengthen the life of your HVAC unit, you will still undoubtedly find yourself with higher bills throughout the coming summer months. These energy efficient tips will help you reduce that bill even more.
Start by making sure your air filter is clean – or change it out completely. Dirt clogged cooling units have to work much harder for the same amount of cooling. By keeping a clean filter in your unit, you can be sure your unit will consume less energy.
Another trick to try is making sure that your home is properly sealed, so you know that your cool air is staying indoors instead of cooling the neighborhood. Start with your doors and windows, and consider keeping your drapes or blinds closed during the afternoon to keep heat out. These two actions will help your unit by reducing how hard it has to work.

Enjoy Summer in Full Comfort

If you are looking for help in completing routine summer maintenance, call family-owned Brown’s Heating, Cooling and Plumbing at (732) 741-0694. Their 100% customer satisfaction pledge means that you won’t find a better deal or better services in NJ HVAC services.