Simple Air Conditioning Maintenance NJ Jobs

Most of the time, air conditioning maintenance NJ should be left to the professionals, however, there is minor maintenance that homeowners can do to keep their air conditioning functioning properly. People with air conditioning units installed in their homes, need to be prepared to tackle some of the maintenance themselves. Major problems and annual services are best left to the professional air conditioning engineers, but there are lots of minor tasks that can keep your system running smoothly, saving you money on your power bills, as well as cutting down the risk that the unit will develop any serious faults. Air conditioning is a major investment for the home; it is important that home-owners take the time to look after the expensive equipment.

DIY Air Conditioning Maintenance NJ, not Always the Most Cost Effective Idea

The main thing to remember if you are going to do the maintenance yourself, is that a clean air conditioning system is not only more effective, but also cheaper to run also, if it is kept clean. All air conditioning systems will have two units responsible for the flow of clean and cool air though the house; the indoor evaporator and the outdoor compressor. Both need to be kept clean for maximum efficiency. They can be cleaned without calling an air conditioning maintenance NJ engineer.

Anyone doing air conditioning maintenance, NJ homeowners especially, in their home should make sure the electricity supply to the air conditioning unit is off, when the units are disassembled, in preparation for cleaning. Just switching off the system isn’t enough, as it is still possible to get an electric shock from exposed parts. Once you are sure that it is safe to begin, remove any parts you need in order to gain access to the inner workings of both the outdoor and indoor units.

For the outdoor compressor, it is essential, while carrying out the air conditioner maintenance NJ, to wipe the fins thoroughly, using a special air conditioning cleaner, which can be bought from hardware stores. Check for any stains on the compressor pad as this could mean that your air conditioning system is leaking coolant. If that is the case, it’s time to put the cover back on, and call a professional.

Air Conditioning Maintenance NJ Homeowners – be Careful When Performing Maintenance

When carrying out maintenance on the inner evaporator, the easiest way to clean the fins is with a vacuum cleaner. The fins are often tucked away in hard to reach places, and trying to clean them by hand is almost impossible. Although a quick clean with a vacuum is not as effective as a thorough wipe-down, it will help remove most of the problematic dust particles that cause air conditioning systems to slow down.

Finally, you will need to carefully and securely replace the covers on the two units, making sure that no little fingers can get into any holes or gaps. Once the compressor and evaporator are secure again, turn the power back on, and give the system a test run. Hopefully you will soon feel the benefits of your hard work.