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Benefits of a SDHV HVAC System

SDHV hvac systemWhen it’s time for an HVAC upgrade in your home or business, you want to ensure that you’re making the right investment. Reap the benefits of the newest climate-control technology that meets all your needs with today’s cutting edge solution: the SDHV HVAC system.

Providing the comfort of central air conditioning without the hassle of running bulky air ducts or facing expensive utility bills, small duct, high velocity HVAC systems are one of the most efficient cooling and heating options available today.

SDHV HVAC System at a Glance

Unlike the intrusive ductwork of conventional forced-air central air systems, SDHV systems do not require much, if any, build out and are designed not to disrupt the original interior or exterior of your home or office. By using special sound-absorbing insulation supply tubing at high static pressure, the systems deliver conditioned air quietly without creating drafts.

With a strong emphasis on high energy efficiency, zoning capabilities, aesthetic control panels and cutting-edge industry technologies, a SDHV HVAC system has some major advantages over traditional air conditioning and heating systems.

Here are just a few.

Small Duct, High Velocity: SDHV HVAC System Benefits

Versatile and Seamless

A SDHV HVAC system takes up about 1/4 of the space of a traditional heating or air conditioning system and maintains the aesthetics to your home or office with small, subtle outlets that blend seamlessly into your design.

Quiet Performance

Thanks to high-performance closed-cell insulation, a SDHV HVAC system delivers heated or cooled air quietly into rooms through small slotted outlets. And because the air handler is also designed to isolate noise and vibration the unit remains so quiet you won’t even notice it’s running.

Improved Comfort

A SDHV HVAC system is designed to create a gentle suction that draws room air into its stream of air, known as aspiration. This creates draft-free and even temperatures from room to room contrary to the traditional systems that tend to “dump” air into a room unevenly.

Removes More Humidity

Because of the superior and efficient design of the SDHV HVAC system cooling coils, it creates a comfortable environment, removing up to 30% humidity. This means you can set your thermostat higher than you normally would (typically 2-3 degrees), saving you energy and money along the way.

Better Efficiency

AC systems are traditionally measured by ratings such as the SEER, seasonal energy efficiency rating. But air can often leak through the walls of the duct and its seams, reducing the actual efficiency of a system. A SDHV HVAC system, on the other hand uses just a third of the space as conventional ducting, which means less surface area … and less thermal leakage.

Unico SDHV HVAC System Installation for Monmouth and Ocean County

Brown’s Heating, Cooling and Plumbing can install an efficient Unico SDHV HVAC System in your home regardless of whether you’re under new construction or have an older home with little or no room for traditional ductwork. We know this is an investment, so feel free to call our experts at 732-741-0694 for more information on the quietest HVAC system you’ve ever experienced.