Safety Tips for Your Home Generator

Home GeneratorAny New Jersey homeowner knows that power outages are eminent. A powerful nor’easter recently knocked out power to thousands in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware, and no matter when it happens, it can be a frightening event, especially if severe weather is right outside your door. But thankfully, there’s another option to being left in the cold and dark: a whole home generator.

Severe weather such as heavy snow, sleet, rain and wind can cause downed wires and work on utility power infrastructures may someday cause a power outage in your home. Some forces are just beyond your control. These outages can last anywhere from a couple of minutes to a couple of weeks depending on the situation. The best way to protect your home, safeguard your perishable foods, keep loved ones safe, maximize comfort and stay connected is with a home generator from Brown’s.

Safety Tips When Using Your Home Generator

When the power goes out, you need to trust that your generator will perform. That is why it’s important to follow appropriate safety measures during operation.

Follow Manufacturer’s Manual

Every home generator is unique. Read and understand the manufacturer’s instruction manual, especially regarding safe electrical connections and placement of the unit. If you lost it, contact the experts at Brown’s or your generator’s manufacturer.

Proceed with Caution

Never run portable generators inside your home or garage as generators (both portable and stationary) can emit colorless, odorless carbon monoxide gas, known as the “silent killer.” According to the American Red Cross, unsafe amounts of CO can quickly build up in enclosed spaces or be blown in through an open window or vent.

Unlike portable generators, whole home generators are permanent fixtures outside that provide uninterrupted power backup connected directly to the electric panel in your house. It is still important to locate the generator outside of the home and far away from windows, vents and doors.

Refuel Safely

Home generators run on an existing fuel source, either liquid propane or natural gas. This makes them capable of generating enough wattage to energize your home in seconds. Not sure if it’s time to replace your home generator? Check out our blog for signs indicating it could be time.

Find Your Whole Home Generator at Brown’s

At Brown’s Heating, Cooling and Plumbing, we’ve been providing Monmouth and Ocean County homeowners and businesses with home comfort solutions since 1977. We work only with the finest manufacturers and have a wide selection of reliable generators to choose from. Our trusted technicians are skilled and provide professional and courteous service to each and every client. That is why we are the number one choice in Monmouth and Ocean counties for quality home generators.

Because when the grid is down, it’s never certain how long it could take to restore power to homes. Get prepared with a backup home generator to provide your family with temporary power during the next emergency.

Come visit our customer showroom in Shrewsbury, New Jersey and discover a variety of heating and cooling equipment, home generators, humidifiers and hot water heaters. If you are interested in learning more about whole house generators, contact Brown’s today at 732-741-0694.