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Outdoor Shower Plumbing Tips

outdoor shower plumbingOutdoor showers are pretty popular in New Jersey, particularly in beach houses and summer rental properties. Even if you don’t live a block from the beach, an outdoor shower can enhance property value and make you feel closer to nature in the privacy of your own backyard. To ensure you’re protecting your investment, read through these helpful outdoor shower plumbing tips below.

Benefits of an Outdoor Shower

While many consider outdoor showers to be a luxury, they’re in fact both relaxing and useful.

  • Savor some fresh air, enjoy the view of the sky and listen to the birds.
  • Rinse off after a dip in the pool or a trip to the beach.
  • Wash off the kids muddy feet.
  • Bath your dirty dogs.
  • Clean up after yard work.
  • Use it as a selling point for vacation homes.

Outdoor Shower Plumbing Considerations

If you’re curious about installing an outdoor shower in your NJ home, here are a few plumbing considerations to keep in mind.

Hot Water

When it comes to outdoor shower plumbing, consider if you’ll also want hot water. Even if the majority of your outdoor showers’ usage is in the summer, a little bit of warm water may just encourage guests to stay in long enough to rinse all the sand and dirt off before entering your home. Tapping into your home’s hot water supply will determine how far away the shower can be from the house.


Privacy is probably the most critical element to consider with outdoor showers. The location of the shower is key: it’s important to have it tucked away from nosy neighbors while still being able to enjoy a view. It all depends on your location, but plants, screens and walls all make great privacy barriers for outdoor showers. Some even have fences at lower heights so the individual can have a view while their bodies are covered. Many outdoor showers are sited without a roof (or deck / overhang above them), permitting a refreshing open-air view of the sky.


When dreaming up your outdoor shower location, be sure to factor in drainage. You’ll need to ensure that water runs off and away from your home’s foundation. While it may sound appealing to let your water drain through a bed of stones into the ground, that may be a violation of local codes.


Permits for HVAC and plumbing work change often. It’s wise to work with the experts at Brown’s to ensure you’re up to code with all outdoor shower plumbing work in your area. Our professional technicians will help you understand the necessary codes to avoid being cited for any regulations you missed and failing to get the proper permit.

Outdoor Shower Plumbing Maintenance Tips

Protect your investment with these outdoor shower plumbing maintenance tips.

  • Dry It Up- Ideally, your shower will be located somewhere that the sun can reach and dry things up naturally. Either way, make sure to keep it dry so moisture doesn’t collect in any areas, potentially turning to mold and rot.
  • Keep It Clean- Just like your indoor bathroom shower, you’ll also need to clean your outdoor shower. Sweep away sand, dirt and leaves so it doesn’t lead to clogged drains.
  • Protect Your Pipes- During the winter, be sure to frost-proof your pipes to prevent bursting pipes during the freezing weather.
  • Prep for Winter Plumbing- Even if you have taken the above steps to protect your pipes, consider draining your outdoor shower plumbing and removing faucets and detachable parts during the winter months. This will prevent water from collecting (and freezing) inside your pipes.

Brown’s Outdoor Shower Plumbing

At Brown’s Heating, Cooling and Plumbing, we provide plumbing installation services, including outdoor shower plumbing, to customers throughout Monmouth and Ocean County New Jersey. If you’re considering an outdoor shower for your backyard, call our experts at 732-741-0694 today.

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