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NJ Plumbers Must be Licensed

In order for any NJ plumber to become a master plumber, they will have to undergo an examination to gain the license to become a licensed master plumber. This license can only be obtained from the NJ State Board of Examiners of Master Plumbers. It is the only authority that can issue such a license. Before 2010, all plumbers had to be licensed, master or apprentice but since 2010, only master plumbers are obligated by law to become licensed. A master plumber in NJ means that he or she is licensed, authorized and capable of doing all NJ plumbers tasks. It also means that he/she can supervise apprentice or journeyman plumbers while they are doing plumbing work.
In order for a plumber to apply for such a license and to undergo the examination there are a few required specifications, they are as followed:
• The applicant must be at least twenty one years old and must have at least 4 years of plumbing experience. This experience has to be in an apprentice program that is licensed by the Dept. of Labor of the United States. It also required for 1 year experience as a journeyman plumber. Last but not least, it requires the applicant to be the holder of a bachelor’s degree in one of the following: sanitation, plumbing or mechanical engineering. This bachelor has to be issued by the Dept. of Education of the United States.
• All past experience of the applicant has to be in the form of a certification. This form has to be signed by a master plumber that the applicant has worked for. This past experience must include all the work that the applicant has done for the last 5 years if the applicant has completed an apprenticeship and for the last year if the applicant possesses a bachelor’s degree.
• The applicant will have to give answers to all the questions mentioned in the application form. These questions include questions about any criminal past and any obligation to child support that the applicant may have. If there is past conviction, the applicant is obligated to provide any copies of the judgments and the ruling accompanied by any other documents from the court.
• The applicant has to provide the board with all information regarding any health issues or conditions, drug abuse and immigration status.
Once the applicant passed the examination, he will then be approved by the board and will become a licensed master plumber.
It’s a lot for a Master Plumber to go through to achieve their level of expertise. It pays off though, not only for that NJ plumber, but also for each of their customers. That higher level of expertise gives a Master Plumber an edge in a very competitive market as most residents of NJ want a licensed and bonded plumber, but especially one that is at the top of their field.