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How Does the Water Heater Mandate Affect Your Business' Building?

We have some important news for small business owners in New Jersey. As of April 2015, a water heater mandate was implemented in the state of New Jersey. This mandate means that any water heaters that are produced after this date must comply with certain rules and regulations or they cannot be sold and used by companies.
How Does the New Water Heater Mandate Affect Your Business' Building?

What Does This Mean for Your Business?

While many business owners will complain about having to spend money to upgrade their current system, they will be thankful for it in the long run. Last year’s mandate states that water heaters need to be within a certain category of energy efficiency, or EF rating, in order to be compliant. Water heaters that are more energy efficient are cheaper to run and easier to deal with, which is actually a blessing for business owners that use a lot of hot water. They will see the savings from their upgrade within the first year, maybe even within the first few months.

Other Important Aspects of the Water Heater Mandate

One of the other major aspects of the water heater mandate is that it requires the dimensions of the actual unit to be compliant. Certain water heaters may not be able to be used at a business anymore because they are either too large or too small. The water heaters which need to be compliant after this mandate are more complex and require the assistance of a professional company to install. People who used to buy water heaters and install them on their own will likely be unable to do this any longer. Many of the standard venting water heaters will not be of use anymore, either.

Getting a New Water Heater for Your Business

If your business is making use of a water heater that’s not compliant with the most recent mandate, then it’s important to get in touch with a company that can install a new unit for you at the best price. While it may initially seem like a hassle to upgrade your current water heater sooner than you were planning on, it will be beneficial if you are using a unit that’s not as energy efficient as the new mandate says it needs to be.
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