Best HVAC System Replacement Solutions for a Sunroom and Other Challenging Spaces

HVAC System ReplacementThankfully wall-to-wall windows are no longer limited to the rich and famous. Now, any NJ homeowner can enjoy an energy-efficient room lined with beautiful windows and natural light. The only challenge is finding (and maintaining) an ideal temperature to stay comfortable at the same time. With so many windows in a sunroom, it can be tough to find comfort (especially in the summer). Whether you’re installing a new unit or looking for an HVAC system replacement, Brown’s can help you make the most out of your space.

We have your solution.

Sunroom AC Installation

Adding a sunroom to your New Jersey home can be a beautiful addition to your floorplan. The added value to your home and the extra hours of relaxation makes a four-season room an ideal escape for ultimate comfort.

That is until things start heating up.

It is not uncommon for existing sunrooms to lack vents and ductwork. While many homeowners try to avoid this scenario, that’s not always an option. As NJ residents understand, the uncomfortable heat of summer means stifling temperatures throughout the whole home and the chill of winter air can cause you to close the doors to this space for months.

Split AC and ductless mini split units are an ideal solution for places, such as a sunroom, where there is no existing ductwork. These compact and efficient units not only save money on installation costs but are specifically designed to cool or heat specific zones.

Sunroom HVAC System Replacement

Over time, cooling and heating systems stop working as efficiently as they used to. A poorly performing cooling system may mean your sunroom is too hot for anyone to even consider using in the summer. If your unit isn’t producing the temperatures it once did, it’s time to consider repair or even a total HVAC system replacement.

Enhance the comfort and save money on cooling costs by investing in an HVAC system replacement that will guarantee energy efficient results. Our NATE certified technicians will help manage every step of new installation, maintenance, repairs and HVAC system replacements.

HVAC System Replacement, Installation and Maintenance by Brown’s

If you live in Monmouth County or Ocean County and are looking to upgrade your sunroom cooling system, turn to the help of our heating and cooling team. Based on the layout and size of your room, we’ll help you find the best HVAC system to deliver cool air flow your home needs. As a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, we take your unique needs, budget and timeline into account to determine the ideal HVAC system replacement solution for any hard-to-cool space.

Let us help you control the wild temperatures swings and turn your sunroom into a comfortable place to chill any time of the year.

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