Penn Station Air Conditioning Incident

A huge air conditioning disaster has hit the Penn Station as the A.C service is still not functional in a huge section of the station. New Jersey’s Transit advises the commuters to use the eighth avenue section of the station because the Seventh Avenue section has A.C related problems.

Commenting on the problem, Amtrak, the company responsible for the air conditioning in Penn Station has announced through a statement that they have already started to address the problem. The statement also mentioned the reason behind the problem as it that the construction operations that started in the station in order to fix and replace the current chillers and cooling units in the existing system is the reason behind the malfunction. This directly resulted in a decrease in the efficiency of the new chillers and cooling units & towers. The statement also ensured the commuters that the contractor responsible for air conditioning maintenance and repairs, is working 24/7 in order to fix the problem and to make sure that the chillers and the HVAC system is working to its maximum ability. It also stated that the system is expected to work to its full ability by the upcoming weekend.

The NJ Transit also tried its best in order to provide comfort to the commuters and to overcome the hot temperature resulting from the malfunction of the air conditioning systems by getting numerous air fans as an attempt to cool down the temperature a bit. These tries failed as the temperature inside the building amounted up to 90 F. The New Jersey Transit commented on the situation through a spokesman who said that they are watching over the situation and they are doing their best to make sure that such a malfunction doesn’t last long.

This can server as an excellent reminder to keep your home ac or business air conditioner properly maintained. Air conditioner issues are hardly ever expected and always dreaded when the temperatures are up there. Proper maintenance of our air conditioner requires a collaborative effort between you and your air conditioning service NJ provider. The steps that you can take at your home or office to keep your air conditioner properly monitored and maintained are only half of the equation. A bi-annual inspection by a well-trained air conditioning service NJ professional is also important.

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