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Heating and Cooling Service Checklist

Heating and Cooling Service Checklist Brown's

Have you noticed an issue with your heater lately? Ready to get the AC tuned up before the summer heat hits? The technicians at Brown’s can help! That’s what we’re here for!

But, before your visit, you’ll want to be prepared to provide some important information. This handy heating and cooling service checklist will help our professional technicians accurately and quickly diagnose the problem for you.

Prepare for Your Next Visit with this Heating and Cooling Service Checklist

Know the “Personality” of Your Heating and Cooling Unit

How well do you know your unit? Be prepared to tell the technician about the following:

  1. Where are your unit and thermostats located?
  2. What is the brand and/or model number of your unit?
  3. How old is your furnace or air conditioner? If you don’t know this answer, our technicians can determine it by the model and serial number of your unit.
  4. When was the unit last serviced?
  5. Who performed service on it last?

Make Sure The Problem Isn’t a Quick Fix

It may seem silly, but ask any of our technicians and they’ll tell you that small oversights can happen from time to time. For example:

  1. Did you check that the thermostat is on the right setting?
  2. Did you check the emergency gas shut off? It is a red switch that shuts down the gas supply to heating and hot water units. It is at the top of your basement stairs or in your utility room by the heating unit. (this is a big miss we see a lot!)
  3. Are the vents open?
  4. Did you check your circuit breakers to make sure none were “tripped”?  Have they been tripping a lot? Have you had ‘brown-outs or power surges’ lately?
  5. When were the air filters last changed?
  6. Was there any unusual weather activity before the equipment acted up?

Keep Note of Heating and Cooling Problems 

If you notice your furnace or AC has been behaving abnormally or showing signs of a potential breakdown, it’s helpful to have a checklist of all the signs leading up to it. That way you can tell us exactly what’s been happening. These clues will help us narrow down the cause of the problem and quickly find a solution. Note any information such as:

  1. When did you first notice that your HVAC seemed to not be working properly?
  2. Has it been making any unusual noises?
  3. Do you notice any unusual smells?
  4. Have you seen unusual fluids or leakage around the unit.
  5. Are you experiencing higher than usual energy bills, hot/cold spots, frequent run cycles, etc.?

Brown’s Heating and Cooling is Here to Help with Reliable Service

This service checklist will not only help make the Brown’s heating and cooling technician’s life easier, it will also help you to get your heating and cooling unit back in working order a lot faster.

We offer a variety of dependable service options for commercial and residential properties throughout Monmouth or Ocean County, NJ. If you are dealing with HVAC issues or need a maintenance check up, call Brown’s Heating, Cooling and Plumbing at 732-741-0694.


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