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Top 3 Insider Tips Heating Companies Want NJ Homeowners To Know

heating companiesQuick, what’s the first thing you do if your heater won’t turn on? Whether you’re a NJ homeowner facing your second furnace or renter who is just experiencing simple HVAC maintenance responsibilities for the first time, here are a few things heating companies want you to know before winter sets in.

From simple preventative maintenance reminders to how to prepare for a heating emergency, we’ve got you covered.

Know Your Heating System

As a homeowner or renter, you must know what kind of heating system you have. Is your furnace electric, natural gas or do you have a heat pump or boiler system? Find this out stat so you can not only be ready to handle maintenance checks, but also be better prepared to advise your heating technician on the phone in the case of an emergency.

For renters, a good rule of thumb is to find out who is responsible for maintenance or repairs—both scheduling the repairs and maintenance and who is responsible for the bill. Is it the Landlord or renter?  This is an important, but often unasked question at the time of the lease.  Many Landlords want first approval on repairs so have your Landlord info on hand so Brown’s can appropriately handle your request in a timely manner.

Go ahead, take a look now. Even snap a photo of it so you have more detailed information at your fingertips.

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Schedule Air Filter Cleaning

If you have just moved in (whether renting or owning), change the air filter right away. You never know when it was changed last or what habits the previous tenants or owners had prior to you. It’s best to start fresh.

Changing the air filter is a simple preventative maintenance check you can DIY. If you are a little hesitant, ask Brown’s, one of the most trusted heating companies in NJ, about our air filter replacement services and we can do it for you at your next maintenance appointment. If you want, we can also show you how to do it while we are at your house.

Prevent Hot/Cold Spots

Think closing your vents will help you save energy? Think again. Many new homeowners and tenants are guilty of this one. In reality, closing your vents actually results in a less efficient heating system because it makes it work harder to create even temperatures throughout the house.

Keep air vents open to prevent hot/cold spots and encourage even temperature distribution throughout the home all winter long. Bonus points for air duct cleaning to avoid allergens and air flow blockages for more even temperatures. Brown’s can help with scheduling that too!

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Find the Best Licensed Heating Companies (Before You Need Them)

As a new tenant or homeowner, you can’t rely on your parents to fix things around the house anymore – that’s your responsibility (congrats!). Now’s the time to find and vet the best licensed heating companies in NJ. Find one that you can trust in an emergency…in the dead of winter.

But, the key is to build that relationship before an emergency strikes. Your furnace maintenance check is the perfect time to do that. The more they know you, your home and your HVAC, the better they can serve you. And if you sign up for a heating service contract, you guarantee your home will be at the top of the emergency repair list when temperatures plummet.

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If you live in Monmouth and Ocean County, NJ and surrounding areas, trust a reputable heating company, like Brown’s Heating, Cooling and Plumbing. Our 100 percent customer satisfaction pledge — and commitment to the community for the past 47 years — that sets us apart from other heating companies in the area.

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