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Forced Air Heating: Everything NJ Homeowners Need to Know

Forced air heatingHeating systems have their own personalities. From the variety of sources of heat delivery, types of controls and size of units to the unique noises and quirks as it ages, choosing the right forced air heating system can be made by a personal preference or by the design of the house and space.
Whether you’re moving to a new home or it has come time to replace your HVAC, here are some things you need to know about forced air heat.

What is Forced Air Heating In a Home?

Air from a furnace is heated by fuel. That fuel can be oil, electric, natural gas, wood, biofuels, etc. The heat from the flame is then transferred to the air through a heat exchanger, where the hot air is forced through ductwork by a fan and distributed throughout the home.
This kind of ducted heat is referred to as forced air heating. About 60% of homeowners use forced air heating systems largely because they also have the bonus benefit of sharing a common system for the central air conditioning system. They also provide the option to have whole-house ventilation, filtration and humidification systems.

How Does Forced Air Heating Work

In forced air heating, once the temperature is set on the thermostat, a fan pushes and pulls the air around a closed loop between two ducts: a hot air supply duct and a cold air return duct. In the middle of those two ducts is your home, rather the rooms in your home.
This heating process repeats itself until the temperature of your home reaches the temperature you set on the thermostat.

Benefits of Forced Air Heating

A forced air heating system has quite a few benefits that make it a great system for NJ homeowners.

  • Improve Air Quality- A forced air system can greatly improve air quality with regular air filter maintenance. Furnace filters are designed to trap airborne particles, like allergens, which will help everyone in the homestay healthier throughout the winter.
  • Increase Comfort Levels- Since whole-house humidifiers and dehumidifiers can be added to forced air heating systems, homeowners can keep the air set at a comfortable level without wasting extra energy.
  • Boost Energy Efficiency- Since the government now requires higher efficiency levels, new forced air systems are more efficient than ever before.
  • Combine Heating and Cooling Systems- As the only HVAC system that can seamlessly combine heating and cooling, forced air systems can be used all year long.

Brown’s Forced Air Heating NJ

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