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Ever Experience Fruit Flies or Drain Flies? Here's How to Avoid these Pesky Little Insects

More than likely you’ve experienced these tiny, annoying little bugs one time or another. Drain flies and fruit flies are a nuisance. Once they appear in your home (most likely near showers or sinks), they begin to breed and multiply…seeming like they’ll disappear. But don’t panic, they’re normal (and it doesn’t mean you’re living in a dirty home) but once you understand where they’re coming from, you can address the problem and get rid of them for good!

Difference between Drain Flies and Fruit Flies

Believe it or not there’s a difference between fruit flies and drain flies.

Fruit flies

Can't Get Rid of Fruit Flies?Fruit flies (also known as vinegar flies) become a pest in homes and restaurants around food sources. They are brownish yellow or brownish black in color and commonly have reddish, small eyes. They lay their eggs in cracks or in broken skin of fruit or vegetables. They can also breed in dishwater from sinks or refrigerator drain water.
Get ready to get grossed out…but their transparent larvae (maggots) are difficult to see without a magnifying glass and once mature, then crawl out of the liquid food to a drier area to pupate. Brace yourselves, but there’s a chance you could have slurped in and egg or two. YUCK!
Once you have two adult fruit flies in your home, they can lay up to 500 eggs near the food that is left outside the refrigerator. Fermenting food is the most obvious breeding area, so carefully search for any rotting fruits or vegetables to control the problem. Get rid of these pesky insects by getting rid of what they love.

Drain Flies

How Can You Remove Drain Flies?
Drain flies (also known as sewer flies or moth flies) are fuzzy, flying little pests that live and breed in standing water inside your plumbing pipes and feed on decomposing materials. They lay their eggs in the drain slime and the larvae is capable of surviving extreme temperatures making it their most resistant life stage. Adults only live three to four days without food, but they can survive for weeks if food source is available. Though they are weak fliers, they sure are pesky.
Each female can produce upward of 100 eggs; their infestations can only be eliminated by removing the larval food source.

Get Rid of Drain Flies for Good

The average life cycle of a drain fly can last anywhere from eight to 24 days. Once you’ve cleared out their breeding ground, the adults will eventually disappear but after a week, if drain flies are still a problem in your home, it’s safe to assume you didn’t adequately treat all the problem areas.
So, what do you do? Give us a call to have our licensed and experienced plumbing technicians clear the blockage or repair any hidden drain pipe leaks that could be causing these pests.
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