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Ductless HVAC Service: Be Aware of these Common Problems

Ductless HVAC ServiceA ductless HVAC system offers greater home comfort and energy efficiency than the standard window unit. It’s also less obtrusive for homeowners. Though it is much more reliable in the long run, that doesn’t mean it’s immune to problems. It’s important to have a reliable ductless HVAC service company you can trust.
If you have a ductless air conditioner, be aware of these common problems and call in the HVAC professionals right away if you notice them.

5 Reasons to Call In for Ductless HVAC Service

1. Strange Noises

If you hear odd noises or loud sounds coming from your ductless system, chances are something is wrong. You could have problems with the fan motor, compressor or experiencing a malfunctioning cooling system.

2. Decreased Performance

If your ductless HVAC system isn’t blowing cool air as forcefully as it should, or if the air isn’t as cool as it normally is, this could mean trouble for your system. Call in for ductless HVAC service to find out if you have a refrigerant leak.

3. High Monthly Bills

If your ductless HVAC system doesn’t work like it used to, it will start to use more energy. You’ll notice when you see a price hike in your utility bills. Be aware of how much you’re running your AC compared to last year and also chat with your neighbors to compare.

4. Leaks

If you notice leaks or puddling water around your system, this is a sign of a problem that needs immediate attention. If you have even a minor refrigerant leak, your refrigerant charge is going to be low which can impede the cooling capability of your system.

5. Slow Air Flow

If the unit is blocked by debris, furniture, dust buildup, etc, it could slow the airflow causing it to work harder and at less efficiency. Be sure to occasionally check the outside of your units, and to keep them clear, schedule ductless HVAC service and maintenance to ensure all working parts are clean.

Brown’s Ductless HVAC Service and Maintenance

Never underestimate just how important it is to have a clean HVAC system. Like any other cooling system, your ductless air conditioner should to be kept in good working order to provide you with the ultimate performance and efficiency. With regular maintenance and ductless HVAC service, the professionals at Brown’s can maintain the quality of your unit and prevent unexpected repair and replacement costs.
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