5 Benefits of Ductless Heating and Cooling Systems

Ductless heating and coolingYou’ve probably heard of ductless heating and cooling systems. Maybe you’ve seen these smaller indoor units installed high up on walls in homes, restaurants or offices. But do you know about their amazing benefits?

Our experts have the lowdown on ductless heating and cooling for home or business and how they can help to keep you comfortable (and energy efficient) all year-round.  Of course, the decision to install will be different for everyone, but if you’re considering going duct-free to cool or heat your space, here’s what you can expect.

Five Cool Benefits of Ductless Heating and Cooling Systems

1. Flexibility

Since ductless systems deliver air directly into different zones, they offer the flexibility to improve temperature control in specific rooms. Requiring nothing more than mounting capabilities and access to electricity, they are fairly simple to install in new construction or add for home additions.

Also referred to as mini split systems, ductless cooling and heating offers home owners and business owners a cost-effective solution to replace inefficient equipment such as  window units, space heaters and electric baseboard heaters.

2. Cost Savings

Overall cost savings is a big attraction for the ductless heating and cooling system. Considering utility costs have skyrocketed across the country recently, if a home’s temperature relies on an inefficient system, monthly bills can skyrocket out of control.

Ductless systems are smaller than traditional forced-air systems and operate on less power. And since the heated or cooled air is delivered directly to a zone, it is highly efficient, saving up to 30 percent on energy costs. Plus, some may also be eligible for tax credits or rebates, saving even more.

3. Filter Indoor Air Quality

Surprisingly, indoor air quality can actually be worse than the air outside. Ductless systems are designed with a multi-stage filtration to drastically reduce dust, pollen, bacteria, allergens and other particulates floating around in the air.

4. Easy Installation

Ductless systems can be installed by a Brown’s professions and ready to run in as little as one day without disrupting other activities at the office or around the home. That means you won’t have to worry about rebuilding walls or fixing ceilings–you get to keep every inch of your precious square footage.

They’re a perfect choice for new additions, such as a sunroom or “man-cave” but can give support to any room with a specific heating or cooling need.

5. Eco-Friendly

Because of its small size and zoning capabilities, a ductless heating and cooling system brings greater energy efficiency. Improved efficiency saves your budget, of course, but it also helps reduce your total carbon output, saving the planet, too.

Ductless Heating and Cooling Installation by Brown’s

Ductless heating and cooling systems bring multiple benefits from being user-friendly to environmentally-friendly. They offer homeowners and business owners the ability to cool and heat specific zones to the exact temperature desired, providing consistent and top quality comfort all year long.

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