7 Signs Your Commercial Unit is Low on Refrigerant and How Air Conditioner Maintenance Can Help

Air Conditioner MaintenanceIf the AC unit in your business is low on refrigerant, you could be paying for it without even realizing it. How can you tell? Between a mix of a higher than normal energy bills and warm air blowing through your vents, here are seven notorious signs your commercial HVAC unit is low on refrigerant and how air conditioner maintenance can help you discover them.

So, save on costs and on energy this summer by keeping your eye out for these warning signs of low refrigerant.

7 Warning Signs of Low Refrigerant

  1. It seems like forever for your business to cool off. Especially in the hot summer temperatures, your AC tends to work in overdrive to cool your home; low refrigerant makes this problem worse resulting in high (uncomfortable) indoor temperatures and costly bills.
  2. Warm air is blowing through the vents. If your vents aren’t blowing cool air (as they should), this could indicate a few different issues, but low refrigerant tends to be one of the culprits.
  3. Your set indoor temperature is never reached. If you set the thermostat at 76, but the thermometer never seems to reach that number, there could be an issue with your commercial air conditioner refrigerant levels.
  4. Your energy bills are higher than normal. Always compare energy bills month-to-month and year-over-year to help you identify potential issues with your business’ HVAC unit. If you experience higher than normal electricity costs, an air conditioner maintenance check can help you pin-point them.
  5. Refrigerant lines ice up. When the AC doesn’t have enough refrigerant, ice tends to build up on copper tubing and the evaporator coil. occurs So, if you suspect your air conditioner may be low on refrigerant, check the unit for ice accumulation…then give us a call.
  6. Leaking water around the heater. If the built-up ice on the refrigerant lines melts (see number five), water will start to form a puddle near the furnace. Water on the floor near your furnace is not normal, so if you notice this sign, it’s time for an AC check-up.
  7. Strange sounds. If you notice any hissing or bubbling noises, this could indicate leak in the system which means it’s time for you to decide whether you should repair or replace your commercial HVAC system.

Importance of Home or Business Air Conditioner Maintenance

Regular air conditioner maintenance checks will help identify and prevent problems before they can affect your business. Additionally, a system that is well-maintained not only keeps employees and customers comfortable, which promotes a healthy, productive work environment, but efficient systems also cost less to operate and have a longer lifespan.

No doubt about it, the air conditioner is essential to your business. And because of the increasing costs of refrigerant, if you’re facing one of these seven notorious signs of low refrigerant levels at your home or business, it’s important to weigh your options to maximize savings and future comfort levels.

The key to keeping your HVAC system running as efficiently as possible is by scheduling regular commercial air conditioning maintenance checks. Discover our commercial HVAC preventive maintenance service plans that include regular visits from an experienced Brown’s service technician to identify possible problems…before they arise. Call our experts at 800-741-0694 or contact us online today.