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Can You Flush Kleenex Tissues Down The Toilet? 8 Things You Should NEVER Flush Down The Toilet

Can You Flush Kleenex Tissues Down The Toilet? What to NEVER FlushTreasured by parents of toddlers for quick cleanup jobs, those so-called “flushable” wet wipes have been wreaking havoc on sewer pipes all over the country (not to mention the impact on the environment). But they’re not the only thing being flushed in question. Just because something can be flushed doesn’t mean it should be. You can flush your t-shirt down the toilet, but it will definitely plug up your pipes and clog up the sewer system. So, what about smaller items? Can you flush Kleenex tissues down the toilet? What about your (dead) pet goldfish? The answer is simply, the only thing that should ever get flushed is human waste and toilet paper.
We’ve seen a lot. So, without holding anything back, here is our top 8 list of things you should never flush down the toilet. Ever.

1. “Flushable” Wet Wipes

According to the Department of Environmental Protection, the amount of debris — almost all of which are flushable wipes — removed from the screens in the waste water treatment plants has more than doubled since 2008. These said “disposable” wipes do not break down like toilet papers does and it clogs the screens at the wastewater treatment facilities.

2. Sanitary Supplies

Step inside any public bathroom and you’ll be faced with a sign that reads, “Please do NOT flush feminine products in the toilet.” You know why? Tampons and pads are non-degradable and therefore will easily clog up the septic system. Even those cardboard tubes that may be labeled as biodegradable…don’t flush those either. Head the warning, just don’t flush it.

3. Dental Floss and Hair

Dental floss is not biodegradable and while a little piece of floss may not seem like much, it literally adds up into one big tangled bunch. Kudos for flossing, but toss it in the trash when you’re done, cause this monster glob of floss will plug up your pipes big time. The same goes for hair. Just because it’s part of your body doesn’t mean it can be safely flushed. If you’ve ever experienced a clogged shower drain, you know it undoubtedly stops things up. Toss it in the trash instead.

4. Food and Grease

Let your body do the breakdown and process food before it ends up in the toilet. Leftovers from dinner? Save them for tomorrow’s lunch. Stinky, moldy, rotten food? Double bag it and throw it away. And don’t even think about flushing grease or oils down the toilet. They may go in as a liquid, but when they cool, they will build up on the sides of your pipes making the opening smaller…and smaller…and smaller (kinda like your arteries). Enough said.

5. Bandaids

Most are made from plastic, which means they are not biodegradable. Even the cloth bandaids will lead to clogs. Just throw them in the garbage.

6. Medicine

While clogs really aren’t a concern when it comes to flushing medications, but the impact on the environment and contaminating the water supply is the issue here. The water in our toilet is water that eventually ends up in our rivers and oceans. Flushing medicine is never an acceptable method of disposal; most local pharmacies have a safe disposal program for medications alternatively.

7. Paper Towels and Kleenex

Paper towels are much thicker and larger than toilet paper leading to much larger and messier clogs. You might be wondering, can you flush Kleenex tissues down the toilet? Think about this, Kleenex is designed to stay together when wet and absorb moisture, so it takes too long to break down in the sewer system leading to major blockages.

8. Diapers

Last and not least: Diapers. Just because there’s poop in the diaper doesn’t mean the whole thing goes in the toilet. Diapers are made to expand when they get wet, they will clog your toilet faster than you can say, “ew.” Wrap those stinky suckers up and take the trash out.

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