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Common Boiler Repair Concern: Why Is My Boiler Leaking?

Boiler Repair If your boiler starts leaking, it could indicate a big problem that could lead to even bigger damage to your boiler and even your home. The moment you notice a leak, take action by turning off your gas and water supply and calling in a professional boiler repair company to assess the situation right away.
Not sure why your boiler is leaking? Leaks can often be traced to corrosion, damaged pump or valves, wrong temperature reading or a faulty pipe connection. Here, we take a closer look at the reasons why your boiler could be leaking water.


Corrosion is often one of the most common reasons that lead to leaks and boiler repair. Causing pipes and tanks to lose their strength over time, corrosion can do major damage if left untreated. The fix could be as easy as replacing a part, such as a valve if the corrosion is concentrated in one location. But if it has spread to a larger surface area, which boiler maintenance could help prevent in the first place, it could be time for a boiler replacement.

Damaged Valves

Normal boiler pressure should be between 18-21 PSI, but a leak caused by a damaged valve can cause pressure to rise above this range. Damaged valves can indicate that sediment has built-up, preventing the valve from closing or that the boiler expansion tank has filled with water. A skilled boiler repair technician can inspect and assess the damage.

Wrong Temperatures

If the boiler is incorrectly reading too high of a temperature, it can trigger a leak. An issue with the temperature probe is most likely the culprit.

Faulty Connections

If you notice water leaking around pipe fittings, the seals could have come loose. Damaged pumps or faulty seals are often quick fixes that could be a simple as resealing or replacing the pump.

Brown’s Boiler Repair and Maintenance Service

At Brown’s Heating, Cooling and Plumbing, we know that you deserve a reputable company to take care of your boiler repair, maintenance and installation needs. While the above causes for leaks are the most common we usually see, we understand everyone’s situation is unique. As always, it’s best to choose a professional and licensed boiler repair technician.
As part of our 10-point boiler maintenance service check, we include the following:

  • check ignition module, flame sensor, ignitors
  • clean & adjust pilot, check thermocouple, adjust burners & clean if needed
  • check water feed, low water cut off & expansion tank
  • check water jacket
  • calibrate thermostat
  • check overall operations

If you have any questions about boiler services in NJ, our HVAC technicians are ready to help. With emergency services throughout Monmouth and Ocean County New Jersey 24/7, we’re here to help any day, night…even through the holidays!
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