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Why Is Air Duct Cleaning So Important

air duct cleaningDid you know that your health and the health of your HVAC is directly related to indoor air? Surprisingly, indoor air is more polluted than outdoor air. By a lot. Think about how much time you spend inside. With every breath, our bodies have to filter out the gunk that accumulates in the air. One of the best ways to improve the quality of air inside your home, in addition to the performance of your HVAC, is to schedule air duct cleaning.

Does Air Duct Cleaning Improve Airflow

Dirty air ducts can negatively affect your heating and cooling system performance. With air duct cleaning, you’ll get rid of the debris that’s clogging air flow and increase the efficiency of your HVAC. Because, once the air ducts are clean, your system will no longer struggle as much to deliver the desired temperatures in your home or office.

As a result, homeowners experience less energy consumption, improved HVAC performance as well as reduced energy and repair costs. Along with the improved effectiveness, you also increase indoor comfort

Will Air Duct Cleaning Help Allergies

Did you know that the air in your home typically circulates through the ducts several times a day?

Over time, this cycled air pulls pollutants into the HVAC system and causes a build-up in the ductwork. This becomes the same air you and your family breathe every day. These pollutants can affect the health of your home or business and can include mold, bacteria, allergens, mildew and even viruses.

Since air ducts are one of the most common places that indoor pollutants hide, getting them cleaned regularly can help with symptoms.

How Often Should I Schedule Air Duct Cleaning?

Does your house constantly collect dust no matter how much you try to clean it?

Is your home more than 10 years old? If so, have your air ducts ever been cleaned?

Do you ever notice allergy symptoms get worse when you turn on your heater or air conditioning system?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, it’s probably time to consider air duct cleaning. Generally air duct cleaning should be done every three to five years. How often will depend on a few factors including whether or not you have any of the following:

  • occupants who suffer with allergies or asthma
  • pets
  • cigarette or cigar smoke
  • home renovation or remodeling projects

Air Duct Cleaning Service

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