Air Conditioning Service in NJ

The air conditioning system in your home needs to be serviced just like your car does. A mechanical device will not run forever without the attention directed by the manufacture.

Air conditioning systems can be costly to maintain if Air Conditioning Service in NJ are not reviewed properly for their experience with your unit and their overall expertise. Fortunately, New Jersey has many very good air conditioning companies. They know all of the products that are installed in New Jersey and they know how to prepare them for the summer and perform the last check before the winter. They also know how to repair the units efficiently.

An air conditioning company can diagnose any problems with the unit before it needs to operate for the summer. It is a good idea to have one company to do business with because they know your unit and they can work on it with less costs. Reviewing the air conditioning unit before it has to work for summer cooling will spare you some warm days without air conditioning.

A concern to all homeowners with air conditioning is the Freon level because the level can drop over the winter. Leaks occur and they should be caught immediately or the unit will continue to run out of Freon. Technicians from an air conditioning service in NJ are very adept at finding these leaks and sealing them.

Another check that should be made is the operation of the compressor which is a vital part of the air conditioning system. Age does affect the functioning of the compressor and it should be checked for its functioning and whether a new compressor is required.

A routine service call early in the year should include checking and cleaning the condenser which is located outside the house usually on a concrete bed. The condenser should be cleaned every spring.

Another item to check is the insulated tubing going into the house to the evaporator. The Air Conditioning Service in NJ will check for cracks or missing pieces that you may not notice but it is vital that the insulation in these lines be repaired.

Next, the evaporator coils should be checked and if they are dirty they should be cleaned. The evaporator causes water to go into a tray where it finds an exit hole and empties to the outside of the home. The air conditioning expert will check the tray for calcification and the exit hole for any plugging up of the exit line which could cause a water back-up in your home and leaks down behind the drywall. By the time the homeowner catches this problem thousands of dollars of damage may have been done. Black mold will grow wildly in the water soaked walls.

There is no good reason not to have a professional air conditioning service company check out your entire system. The costs of this process will bring you peace of mind and tune-up your air conditioning to get your home maximum efficiency. Regular service pays the homeowner.