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Is It Time To Find AC Repair Near Me or Is the Solution an Upgrade?

ac repair near meAs a homeowner or business owner, it can be tough to determine if your HVAC issues are something that requires a repair or replacement. Before you search “AC repair near me” on your phone, take a look at some of the common problems below to help you figure out if you should dial in for AC repair or start researching options for an upgrade.

Search: “AC Repair Near Me” or Research: “AC Upgrade Options”

Whether your home feels too hot and humid to handle or your AC is starting to make strange sounds, HVAC systems are notorious for acting up at the most inconvenient time of the year. Read our useful tips below to help you determine and diagnose some common problems and if you should call in for AC repair or consider upgrading to a new unit.

My AC won’t turn on.

Your AC won’t turn on? First check the breaker and make sure the batteries are working in the thermostat. If that doesn’t work, it could be that the indoor unit disconnect switch isn’t flipped or the service door has shifted out of place. If those steps don’t get your AC pumping cool air, call in for AC repair.

My AC airflow is so slow.

Low airflow is usually a sign of a clogged air filter, which is a simple DIY fix. Schedule this reminder in your calendar monthly to make sure they’re free of debris to allow your system to work as efficiently as possible.

The AC is starting to leak on the floor.

Some amount moisture is normal, which is why we have a floor drain. Many reasons can cause puddles, for example, if the condensate drain is clogged with dirt or mold, it can lead to a back up and lead to water leaking from your AC. If you’re unsure what the cause is for your leaking water, it’s time to find AC repair nearby.

Strange sounds are coming from my AC unit.

Buzzing, rattling, squealing, clicking, hissing, banging…they’re not normal noises for an AC unit. If you start hearing any of these noises when your AC unit is running, that’s a notorious sign you could be facing faulty parts that require repairs or replacement.

It still feels so humid, I can’t get comfortable.

AC units are supposed to function like a dehumidifier as it cools. But, if you’re running your air conditioner and your bedroom still feels humid and uncomfortable, it could be caused by duct problems, frozen evaporator coils or excessive dust or debris in your system.

My system still uses R-22, can I still find AC repair near me that will replace it?

The EPA is eliminating R-22 refrigerant because of its environmentally unfriendly impact. The ozone depleting substance will no longer be produced after 2020 which means repair costs will be skyrocketing. Those who have units that currently use R-22 will need to upgrade sooner than later.

Brown’s Provides AC Repair in Monmouth and Ocean County NJ

Whether you require AC repair, maintenance or a full replacement, Brown’s can help. With regular maintenance and repair HVAC service, Brown’s provides HVAC service for residential and commercial customers throughout Monmouth and Ocean County, New Jersey. Call us at 732-741-0694 to learn more.

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