AC Installation in NJ and the Transit System Trying to be More Green

Without a doubt, the money that was given to the state of New Jersey by the federal govt. is certainly going to help the state buy a new batch of buses. These buses are going to run on the 9th Route and in South of Jersey. It is going to pass through Camden Country up to Philly in the upcoming 2 years. This is going to be the 1st ever bus rapid transit line to be implemented in the state of New Jersey in the last 8 years.

The exact amount of money that was given by the Federal Transit Administration to New Jersey or more specifically the New Jersey Transit reached a total sum of seventy-six million dollars. This grant is going to be used to buy new buses and to replace five percent of the oldest buses that the state of New Jersey uses. This federal grant was revealed to the public and announced on Monday. It was announced at the Hoboken bus station on the hands of the United States Senator Robert Menendez and Frank R. Lautenberg. The announcement was jointly carried out as it also included the Executive Director of the New Jersey Transit, James Weinstein and the Administrator of the FTA, Peter Rogoff. This grant will insure the quality of the buses being used by the New Jersey Transit by reducing the percentage of the old buses and replacing them with new ones.

According to the Tri-State Transportation Campaign’s federal advocate, Steven Higashide, this means that the users who use the New Jersey Transit are going to get a more reliable service. This will also decrease the carbon emissions which will decrease the pollution in the air of the state of New Jersey. He continued by saying that this federal grant is very convenient because New Jersey Transit is in need of many things and a grant of this magnitude will certainly help satisfy those needs.

The Transit of New Jersey has gotten exactly seventy-six million dollars as a federal grant which is ten percent of the total grants awarded in the whole country which is equals 787 million dollars. This shows how important federal funding can be and how it takes care of transportation in the state of New Jersey.

The applications of the New Jersey Transit were funded as one of eight hundred and thirty six projects that were presented by various transit agencies across the country. It was all a part of the State of Good Repair program supported by the FTA. The total number of funds that is needed to fund all of these applications is worth four billion dollars.

This federal grant will cover 3 categories of new bus purchases. These categories include the following:

  • Purchasing hybrid buses in order to replace the old diesel buses.
  • Purchasing cruise buses that are run by natural gas to add them to the fleet of the New Jersey Transit.
  • Funding the 1st ever rapid transit bus line in the state of New Jersey.

There are also some other great programs available from the State and the Federal government for making homes greener. Some of these programs are also built into what are called green mortgages, which means you can get funding to get new and more efficient ac installation in NJ. Contact your air conditioning service today with any questions or refer to State or federal websites for more information.