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6 Quick Generator Maintenance Tips

Generator MaintenanceWhether you own a home or a business, we rely on power every day to stay connected, keep food temperatures safe, live comfortably and complete essential business tasks. Although hurricane season for the Atlantic Coast has already begun, we can expect it to continue through the end of November. Even after hurricane season ends, winter storms can be very threatening. Since New Jersey is no stranger to hurricanes and blackouts, home and business owners should follow these simple generator maintenance tips to ensure power will stay on during any emergency.

6 Generator Maintenance Tips for NJ Home and Business Owners

Fueled by natural gas or propane, automatic generators are hardwired into your home’s electrical system. Although a complete professional maintenance check should also be scheduled with an authorized service dealer, there are a few things homeowners can do themselves to ensure maximum performance and safety.

  1. Designed to start when the power goes out, ensure your standby generator is in “auto” mode so it automatically starts up when you need it.
  2. Your generator should run a brief self-test regularly, if not, power it up ever few months to verify that it will start and there are no warnings present.
  3. Invest in a cover or enclosure to protect your investment and keep it safe from the elements.
  4. Make sure the unit is clear of debris inside and outside of the enclosure.
  5. Inspect battery terminals are tight and clean.
  6. Check the air filter, replace when necessary.

Professional Generator Maintenance

Power outages are common during a disaster, and they could last for several days. Ideally, whole-home generator maintenance should be performed before and after the end of a storm season, but even if you missed the start of the season it’s never too late. Energy.gov states, “You can reduce losses and speed the recovery process by installing an emergency generator…Inspect and maintain your generator regularly—Arrange a maintenance contract and schedule at least one maintenance service per year, such as at the beginning of every hurricane season.”
Maintenance for your whole-home or small business generator ensures it will perform at its peak capacity and is ready to weather any storm that passes by. Typical generator maintenance will include a thorough inspection, simulation testing and reporting of any necessary generator repair or replacement needs. Although specific tune-up procedures will vary depending on the generator brand, generally, inspection covers (but is not limited to) the following: engine frequency, voltage, oil filter change or replacement, wiring, battery and fuel inspection, overall generator operation.

NJ Generator Installation

If you do not own a generator yet and have questions about the benefits of adding backup power for your home or business, you’re not alone. Our generator specialists have heard all the questions and have the answers! Check out our recent blog post covering common questions about your whole-house generator, such as, “How big of a generator do I need? And “How will I know if my generator will work when I need it most?”
We’re already in the middle of storm season, but you still have time to protect your family and your business from unnecessary power loss and discomfort. Take the worry out of storm season and keep business running without interruptions; contact Brown’s generator experts today at  732-741-0694.
We install and service all models of backup power systems, but we offer KOHLER Generators as a preferred choice for your New Jersey home generator. Our experts have been serving home and business owners throughout Monmouth and Ocean County and surrounding areas for more than forty years; trust in Brown’s to help you find and maintain the best generator that fits your specific needs.