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The History Behind 40 Years of Success: Brown's Heating and Cooling NJ

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Brownie and Joyce. Circa 2000.

If you’ve ever searched for a heating and cooling NJ contractor, it can seem tough to tell them apart initially. But, while many companies may seem similar on the surface, it’s the rich history and ingrained values that makes one stand out from the rest. As Brown’s Heating, Cooling and Plumbing celebrates 40 years of success, we take a look into what has made them who they are today.
You have options when you need emergency HVAC service, maintenance, installation, or plumbing repairs. See what sets Brown’s apart from the rest:
Interview with Doug Brown:

Q: OK, let’s get started, Doug. Tell me a little about the history at Brown’s.

We really take to heart our small humble beginning, which was literally in the den of my mom and dad’s house. In 1977, Mom and Dad (“Brownie” and Joyce Brown) took a huge leap of faith and started their own company. They had one truck and one phone, which was our home phone. In fact, after a couple of years, we actually had to surrender our home phone number to be used solely for the company because the line was still ringing our home line!
“Brownie” and Joyce Brown always tried to welcome our employees as a wider part of the family, and also treat each customer as family. Because of this, we have a dedicated staff of 30 employees and have clients who have been with Brown’s for 40 years. These are the kinds of customers that have been around since the days my dad would fix their oven, then sit down at their kitchen table with a cup of coffee, some cake, and chat.
We keep ourselves focused on these beginnings.

Q: What is Brown’s most significant milestone?

heating and cooling

Me with Dad’s picture

“Brownie” and Joyce Brown both passed away in 2002. That was a strange milestone. We had to ask ourselves a lot of questions about who were we as a company and decide where we wanted to go from there. My sister, Carloyn, has since become president of the company.
Even though I always accompanied my dad on calls when I was little, I ended up going to art school and becoming a part-time pastor at the Asbury Park Community Church before turning my focus on Brown’s in 2006.

Q: What is Brown’s mission and how has it changed over the years?

In a world where large corporations are gobbling up small companies, we’ve managed to never become a conglomerate.  Our mission was, and always will be, to treat our customers like friends and our employees like family (not the crazy family).
We pride ourselves on integrity, loyalty, honesty, fairness, and quality.

Q: How does this mission benefit NJ home and building owners?

Because of this, we’re viewed by the community as an honest and valued contributor to the economy and community. We’ve always made a promise to be committed to the local economy.
For example, Brown’s supports the Officer Phil child safety program for school age kids.

Q: Tell us a little more about the Brown’s Guarantee.

From day one, it was Dad’s integrity that created our guarantee (back when a handshake was all it took to affirm that we’d stick by our word). As business grows, our complete 100% satisfaction guarantee still stands.

Q: What do you like most about what you do at Brown’s?

I’m a right-brained, artistic, philosophical individual, so what I like the most about my role at Brown’s is building customer relationships. I thrive on human-to-human connections.

Q: Time for a tough question. What’s the most difficult problem you or your team have had to solve?

Whenever we have to transition staff, it’s hard.  Even if someone has to leave the company, everyone else holds together – it’s teamwork. Like most, through the years we’ve been faced with difficult scenarios. Although we haven’t always had the magic bullet, we get through it together.
As a business of the 21st century, it can be hard to go through transitions and come out successful. But each time we hit a speed bump, we get stronger and better. The key is to keep doing what we’ve always done and never lose that focus.

Q: What makes Brown’s stand out among the rest?

It comes back to our strong personal customer service and the fact that we don’t view our customers as a dollar sign. We recognize that they’re people with families and bills to pay, too.
We’re not a cookie-cutter company; we know many of our customers by name and by face. Knowing each customer has unique needs, we treat them with those unique needs in mind.

Celebrating 40 Years of Heating and Cooling NJ Success with Brown’s

The Garden State is full of HVAC contractors, but few have the heart you’ll find with Brown’s. The experts at Brown’s Heating, Cooling and Plumbing have the deep history and vast experience that proves they care about building quality relationships with their customers. If you’re looking for emergency service, maintenance or installation, give us a call at 732-741-0694 or reach out online through our convenient contact form.
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