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Heating and Cooling Tips

Why Is Air Duct Cleaning So Important

Did you know that your health and the health of your HVAC is directly related to indoor air? Surprisingly, indoor air is more polluted than outdoor air. By a lot. Think about how much time you spend inside. With every breath, our bodies have to filter... Read More

What Causes a Whistling Toilet?

It’s normal to hear a whooshing sound of rushing water when a toilet is flushed. What’s not normal is to hear loud whining or high-pitched sounds as the toilet refills. A whistling toilet is not just annoying, it can be a sign of a problem with your... Read More

Why Do I Have Brown Water (and Other Odd Colors)

One common plumbing concern we hear from homeowners is that they are suddenly experiencing brown water, or other colors, coming through their pipes. Understandably, it can be alarming to see murky, brown water in the kitchen or bathroom sink. While discoloration... Read More

Low Water Pressure in the Shower and What To Do About It

Even if you have decent water pressure at bathroom faucets, it doesn’t always translate to a strong flow at the shower. The water must travel up to reach your showerhead which can cause its strength to vanish. But that’s just part of the story. Why... Read More

Outdoor Shower Plumbing Tips

Outdoor showers are pretty popular in New Jersey, particularly in beach houses and summer rental properties. Even if you don’t live a block from the beach, an outdoor shower can enhance property value and make you feel closer to nature in the privacy... Read More

Brown’s is Giving Back

One of the guiding principles of Brown’s Heating, Cooling & Plumbing is to support our community. We also believe it’s important to support charities and foundations worldwide through our giving back program. “Only a life lived for others is... Read More

Setting Your Thermostat in Summer for Home Comfort

Determining the right setting for your thermostat in summer months can be an argument waiting to happen.  You want to save money on cooling bills, but you also don’t want to sacrifice comfort. You can do both by using a programmable thermostat in the... Read More

Why Should I Choose a Ductless AC For My Business?

Hot, humid temperatures can ruin the environment in your business if you don’t have an efficient way to cool your space. As a business owner, it’s important to invest in installing the right cooling system to keep employees feeling productive and... Read More

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