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Generator Maintenance

Between severe storms and disrupted power lines, power outages can make losing power in your home can be inconvenient and even dangerous. Since ongoing maintenance is critical to the longevity of your generator, you can maintain your investment and make sure you have a back-up plan for your back-up plan with Brown’s generator maintenance. From inspections to tune-ups, Brown’s will ensure you will have the protection you need when you need it. If you would like more information about our service contracts, contact us today or call us at 1-800-741-0694.

What Goes Into Brown’s Generator Maintenance?

  • Engine Lubrication Systems:
    • Visually check for leaks.
    • Oil and filters will be changed every twelve (12) months or 150 operating hours, which ever comes first. Operating hours include exercise cycles of not more than 100 hours per year, combined with all required usage due to loss of commercial power, or other emergency situations.
  • Engine Air Cleaners:
    • Wet type: clean and change oil once per year.
    • Dry type: Clean or replace filters, as needed.
  • Ignition Systems:
    • Check and set timing, if needed.
  • Governor:
    • Check and set speed
    • Check sensitivity
    • Check oil level.
  • Engine Cooling Systems:
    • Check general condition
    • Check anti-freeze: check coolant level, pressure test system.
    • Check belts and hoses.
  • Engine Electric System:
    • Load test battery
    • Clean and inspect battery posts and cables.
    • Check alternator belts.
    • Check Battery Charger for operations
  • Engine Fuel System:
    • Visually check for leaks
    • Check all visible connections and flexible hoses
    • Adjust carburetor
    • Change fuel filters once per year with oil change or as needed
    • Clean fuel strainers and inspect fuel lines.
  • Engine exhaust System:
    • Visually check for leaks, corrosions
    • Check condensation trap and muffler condition.
  • AC Generator:
    • Visually inspect generator condition.
  • Instrumentation:
    • Check all instruments for proper operation.
  • Check timers and relays for proper operation.
  • Check safety circuits, shutdowns, alarm systems.
  • Run Engine Unloaded, At customer’s request and presence, transfer load to generator set and make adjustments in needed.

Inspections and Repairs: The Company, during normal business hours, shall perform inspections of the equipment for the duration of the agreement.

$500.00+tax per year

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