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What Refrigerant Replaces R22?

Refrigerant R22 Replacement BrownsThe AC refrigerant R22 will soon phase out. In 2020, owners of both commercial and residential properties in New Jersey will no longer be able to purchase R22, even if their AC requires it. This leaves many with unanswered questions. How will this change affect future repairs? What refrigerant replaces R22? What are my alternatives? 

The End of R22. What It Means for Refrigerant Going Forward

The current frontrunner to replace R22 for air conditioning refrigerant is R-410A. This eco-friendly gas is widely available and does not hurt the ozone layer. The EPA has approved it for use going forward, as the preferred refrigerant to replace R22. For commercial refrigeration applications, the best choices include R-404A and R-507. 

It is important to note that R410a cannot be directly used in AC units that run on R22. The EPA advises that refrigerant replacements for R22 are not meant to be used directly in the existing equipment, without making modifications in the system. 

Make sure that the alternative you are considering is compatible with your unit’s manufacturer and warranty instructions. If your current unit still uses R22, replacing the unit with a new, R410a-powered system is likely the most cost-efficient solution. 

The AC experts at Brown’s have put together a series of posts to help you understand your options. 

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