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Heating Installation Services for Home Renovation Projects | Brown’s

heating installation services BrownsOnce you’ve decided to tackle a major home renovation project, remember to select the right HVAC service provider to optimize your comfort. Whether you’re converting your garage, finishing your basement or building an addition to your home, consult Brown’s heating installation services to help you find the best HVAC renovation solutions in New Jersey.

Best NJ Heating Installation Services when Renovating Your Home

When it’s time to embark on a home remodeling project, you have a lot of big decisions ahead. You’re probably fine-tuning your budget, while searching for ways to add improved comfort and functionality. To ensure best results, your home remodel should also factor in your heating and cooling system.

Adding Square Footage

Home remodeling creates a unique opportunity for homeowners to save on future energy costs and increase efficiency. Now is a good time to upgrade that outdated heating systems with a more energy-efficient option.

If you are adding square footage to your home, your current HVAC unit may not be sufficient to heat and cool the additional space. A system that is too small may struggle to maintain desired temperatures, thus reducing comfort and efficiency levels which can lead to a shorter lifespan.

Changing the Layout 

If you are changing the layout of your home, you might consider zoned comfort to control each room independently. This will also allow you to complete your renovation project as envisioned, without having to design around ductwork. See more benefits of Zone Controlled Heating >>

Converting Space

Are you converting a garage or attic to add more living space? Consider a high efficiency ductless cooling and heating system, which provides more control without having to route new ducts. Radiant heating installation can also be an optimal choice. Read more HVAC Installation Options for a Garage Conversion >>


Brown’s Heating Installation Services in NJ

A home remodel is an exciting project that can benefit your family’s comfort and increase your home’s value. Before you begin, get an estimate for upgrading your current HVAC unit. Your family —  and your bank account — will thank you.

If you have any questions about heating installation services for your home or business, don’t hesitate to call Brown’s Heating, Cooling and Plumbing at 732-741-0694. We offer a wide variety of heating options and provide the most reliable HVAC installation services in Toms River, Middletown, Brick, Holmdel, Freehold and surrounding NJ areas.