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Central Air Repair You Can DIY


central air repair BrownsIf your central air conditioner is on the fritz, there are a number of central air repair steps you can DIY before calling in the pros (or having a meltdown).

Bring Your Central Air Back Online STAT

Central air is meant to make our lives more comfortable, which it usually does. That is until it starts malfunctioning, leaking or failing to cool properly. Although repairs may seem complicated, many minor central air repairs can be dealt with by the homeowner, using a little time and effort.

Don’t sweat it the next time your air conditioner acts up. Take a look through these quick fixes to bring your AC back online STAT.

Check The Thermostat

Because many thermostats are battery-operated, once they power down, so will your central air. Your first step should always be to check your thermostat batteries and connections. While you’re there, make sure the thermostat is set to “cool.”

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Check the Breaker Box

When the heat is sweltering and your air conditioner is on full blast, it can sometimes trip the electrical breaker. So, if checking the thermostat doesn’t do the job, check fuses and reset buttons for any trips. It can take up to 20 minutes for your AC to start running after the power is turned off or a circuit breaker is tripped.

Be patient before you try another repair.

Clean and Replace Air Filters

A clean filter is vital to a fully functional central air unit. A dirty air filter can not only degrade the performance of your unit, making cool air feel more like warm air, it can also decrease its lifespan. During the summer, check your filters monthly. If you have pets, allergies or like to leave the windows open, change your filter more often than that.

Inspect the Access Panel

Don’t worry, we’re not going to ask you to do any electrical wiring. But, it’s worth checking for any interference by pests, like mice or snakes. After you turn off the power at the main box to the air conditioner, open your electrical access panel (located where the electrical power travels into the unit). Look for nests or frayed wires that have been chewed.

Brown’s Central Air Repair in Monmouth County

If any troubleshooting efforts go beyond your comfort level of DIY, never hesitate to call in the Brown’s professional air conditioning technicians.

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If you live in Monmouth County and need central air repair, give us a call us at 732-741-0694; our experts are available 24/7 for all your heating, cooling and plumbing emergency needs. We offer flat rate pricing, warranty backed repairs and convenient service agreements.