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Carrier Furnace Installation

In our chilly New Jersey winters, it’s essential to have a furnace that provides top-of-the-line comfort, performance and efficiency. Although there are several heating systems available on the market today, we recommend a Carrier furnace installation. In our years of experience in the HVAC industry, we have seen firsthand why Carrier furnaces are among the leading manufacturers of furnaces: from efficiency to performance to comfort, Carrier is your reliable choice.

We are a factory authorized Carrier installation and repair company in New Jersey, so whether you’re looking for maintenance, installation or repairs for your home or business, Brown’s will ensure your Carrier furnace is installed properly and efficiently.

Why Choose Carrier Furnaces?

Carrier has been around for more than 100 years helping customers weather extreme climates all over the world. Carrier makes furnaces for both personal and commercial purposes and offers a 20-year or lifetime warranty on most models. Fueled by either gas or oil, they manufacture a wide range of furnaces.

Gas Carrier Furnaces

Gas furnaces are considered a very fuel-efficient and environment-friendly choice. The Infinity, Performance and Comfort series of gas furnaces from Carrier have managed AFUE ratings between 90% and almost 98%. This high AFUE rating means that the furnace will operate to its highest capacity; maximizing long-term savings, better temperature control and heightened comfort.

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Carrier boilers

No one likes an unexpected cold front. Especially in your living room. The way we see it, cool breezes are best left outside in winter. That’s why our innovative gas- and oil-fired boilers are designed to spread nothing more than consistent warmth – not to mention peace and quiet – through your radiant system.

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Scheduling Installation for Carrier Furnaces in New Jersey

At Brown’s Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, our team of professional service technicians and factory authorized Carrier furnace installers takes pride in providing quality solutions and customer satisfaction. By bringing to you the best in class customer service that only a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer can offer, we are able to ensure your comfort now and for many years to come.

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