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Air Conditioning Service in NJ

The summer is coming sooner than you know it and it's time to start thinking about your air conditioning! Brown's has several options that perform excellently for your needs. Our air conditioning service in NJ includes installation, maintenance and repairs, and 24/7 emergency service.


Whether you are looking to install an air conditioner in your home, have one replaced, or have maintenance performed, Brown’s is the answer. Brown’s also offers air conditioning service contracts to ensure that your system is running smoothly all season long.

Did you know that the best time to have maintenance performed on your air conditioner is before you actually need it? So now’s the time! Call Brown’s today at 732-741-0694 to schedule your air conditioning service NJ technician to come out.


Professional Air Conditioning Installation in NJ

A new air conditioning installation can save you a lot of money and aggravation in the long run because new systems are energy efficient and repairing an old system multiple times is not cost effective. During the hot New Jersey summers, having an air conditioner break down is an awful thing, and an air conditioning installation or an air conditioning repair can save you from the heat! Not sure whether to repair or replace your system? Consult the experts at Brown’s Heating and Cooling. Our friendly and knowledgeable technicians will be able to give you the advice you need.

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Brown’s Heating, Cooling and Plumbing is proud to carry and install Unico HVAC systems.

Most specifically the efficient Unico SDHV HVAC Systems have grown in popularity among our clients with older homes where traditional ductwork would be hard to install. Reap the benefits of the newest climate-control technology that meets all your needs with today’s cutting edge solution: the small duct, high velocity HVAC systems by Unico are one of the most efficient cooling and heating options available today. Unlike the intrusive ductwork of conventional forced-air central air systems, SDHV systems do not require much, if any, build out and are designed not to disrupt the original interior or exterior of your home or office. By using special sound-absorbing insulation supply tubing at high static pressure, the systems deliver conditioned air quietly without creating drafts. Read more about advantages and specifications of SDHV HVAC systems on our blog.

Brown’s Heating, Cooling and Plumbing can install an efficient Unico SDHV HVAC System in your home regardless of whether you’re under new construction or have an older home with little or no room for traditional ductwork.

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