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Frequency of Central Heating System Maintenance

Central Heating System Maintenance BrownsHow Often Should I Schedule Central Heating System Maintenance?

Scheduling central heating system maintenance ensures you’ll get the most out of your unit and protecting its value. But how often does it need to be done? 

Generally speaking, your HVAC system should be serviced annually. Older systems or specialized units may require more attention. Unsure about your system’s requirements? Ask a qualified expert at Brown’s to help you make the most of your home heating system.

Why Schedule Central Heating System Maintenance?

Many of the problems we see when we get calls for central heating repairs could have been prevented with regular system tune-ups. In fact, most of our heating repair calls are a direct result of neglecting maintenance service. 

And you guessed it. In almost every one of those cases, paying for preventative maintenance would have been a lot less expensive than paying for a major repair.

The problem is that a lot of New Jersey residents think that because they only use their heat for part of the year, it doesn’t need to be serviced very often. But, just like any major appliance, a furnace must be tuned up, drains checked, filters changed for optimum reliability.

Common Problems if a Central Heating System is Not Serviced

If you neglect your central heating system maintenance, you may experience some of these common (yet preventable) problems.

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Poor Air Quality

One of the easier maintenance tasks is changing your air filter. Air filters should be cleaned or replaced every two to three months. A clogged filter not only makes your heating system work harder than necessary to warm your home, it can lead to more frequent breakdowns, a shorter lifespan and poor air quality. A dirty filter will cause your furnace’s internal protection system to shutdown due to air restriction and the inability to push the air through the system. This shutdown protects the system from overheating and possible damage to motors and the electronics 

High Energy Bills

You might assume that if your furnace is heating your home without any obvious problems, then everything is just fine. However, your energy bills might tell a different story. A neglected heating system slowly loses the ability to keep your home comfortable efficiently. Give it a much needed maintenance check and you’ll find your heating system consumes less energy to get the job done.

Frequent or Large Repairs

Hearing strange sounds or odd odors coming from your heating unit? Call for a maintenance check right away. These noises can foreshadow small problems becoming larger ones. Simply by preventing future repairs, annual maintenance checks will pay for themselves. 

System Breakdowns

Out of sight…out of mind? Central heating systems, air conditioners, hot water heaters, generators and other major equipment function best when they receive regular maintenance and cleaning. Ensure they will work when you need them most. 

Use the changing seasons as a reminder for your annual tune-up and add years to your equipment’s lifespan. 

Finding an HVAC Technician in New Jersey

When it comes to heating system maintenance, some tasks are DIY. Do you know when to hire a professional vs when to DIY? Read our blog, “What Heating System Maintenance Tasks Should I DIY vs Hire a Professional” to learn more. 

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