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Help! 3 Reasons Why Your Central AC Is Not Cooling?

Central ac not cooling BrownsIt seems hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk outside — just a typical New Jersey summer, right? So how’s your air conditioner faring in the heat? If your central AC is not cooling, a variety of problems could be to blame, some of which you can fix at home without needing a technician.  

So, what’s the problem?

Whether your AC is blowing warm air or it just takes too long to cool the house down, our HVAC technicians have the inside scoop on air conditioning problems. Find out why your central AC is not cooling your NJ home and what to do about it. 

Reasons Your Central AC Is Not Cooling

Most problems with your AC require a diagnosis and repair from a licensed contractor. However, some simple fixes can be identified and resolved at home if you know what signs to look for.

Start At the Thermostat

Your first line of defense is your thermostat. Check your settings. Is it set to: AUTO? The most common mistake we find is that people set the thermostat to: ON instead of AUTO. The ON setting will make your air conditioner run nonstop: sometimes blowing cold air, sometimes not cooling at all.

If that doesn’t work, then…

Next Check the Filter

One of the easiest DIY AC maintenance tasks is changing or cleaning an air filter. But, how do you know when it’s time to change it? An air filter’s life expectancy can last between one to three months, depending on factors such as the cleanliness of your house. A dirty filter blocks the return airflow to your AC making it harder to circulate the cooled air throughout your home.

If changing or cleaning your air filter doesn’t work, then…

Clean the Outdoor AC Unit

When was the last time you cleaned your outdoor AC unit? If your answer is never, you may have just found the solution to your problem. The outdoor unit should be clear of obstructions (including long grass, overgrown bushes, low-hanging tree branches, etc.) so that it can cool the refrigerant, which is used to cool your home.

And, if that doesn’t work…

Call in the AC Pros

You can clear obstructions yourself, but cleaning your outdoor unit properly requires a professional touch. During a central AC maintenance visit, the technician will conduct a thorough cleaning and also check for things like malfunctioning parts and low refrigerant levels, which could also be part of the reason your central AC is not cooling your home very well.

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