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5 Problems You Can Prevent with Proper HVAC Maintenance

There’s almost nothing more uncomfortable than experiencing a broken air conditioner in the middle of summer. Keeping your AC running smoothly in the hot months is an absolute must, which is why you should never skip HVAC maintenance. Regular upkeep can prevent the need for major AC repairs and help you survive the NJ summer comfortably. Ideally, HVAC maintenance should be scheduled once a year before your AC starts kicking into high gear to fight... Read More

7 Signs Your Commercial Unit is Low on Refrigerant and How Air Conditioner Maintenance Can Help

If the AC unit in your business is low on refrigerant, you could be paying for it without even realizing it. How can you tell? Between a mix of a higher than normal energy bills and warm air blowing through your vents, here are seven notorious signs your commercial HVAC unit is low on refrigerant and how air conditioner maintenance can help you discover them. So, save on costs and on energy this summer by keeping your eye out for these warning signs... Read More

Why is R-22 Refrigerant So Expensive Now?

Summer is here and many NJ homeowners may be surprised to find out how much AC repairs could start costing due to the rising costs of R-22 refrigerant. If your system has had any issues in the past, now’s the time to pay attention. AC Repair Costs Skyrocket Due to Mandatory R-22 Refrigerant Phaseout The Clean Air Act, which was enacted in the 1990’s, stated the Environmental Protection Agency would phase out ozone depleting substances. As... Read More

Best HVAC System Replacement Solutions for a Sunroom and Other Challenging Spaces

Thankfully wall-to-wall windows are no longer limited to the rich and famous. Now, any NJ homeowner can enjoy an energy-efficient room lined with beautiful windows and natural light. The only challenge is finding (and maintaining) an ideal temperature to stay comfortable at the same time. With so many windows in a sunroom, it can be tough to find comfort (especially in the summer). Whether you’re installing a new unit or looking for an HVAC system... Read More

Top 3 Telltale Signs Your Clogged Pipes Could Turn into a Main Sewer Line Clog

No one wants to deal with unexpected plumbing repairs, especially the big kahuna: a main sewer line clog. Thankfully there are a few telltale signs to look out for before your clogged pipes turn into major (messier) issues. 3 Signs Your Clogged Pipes Could Turn into a Main Sewer Line Clog Think of your sewer line like a tree with one main line (the trunk) and secondary lines that run off it (the branches). When you have secondary clogged pipes, issues... Read More

Climate Control Solutions for Your Home or Office: Infinity Touch Control Thermostat Installation

Beyond a programmable thermostat, the innovative system by Carrier offers premium efficiency and ultimate convenience right at your fingertips. If you’re looking for climate control solutions for your home or office, the Infinity Touch Control thermostat can offer convenient temperature scheduling and unprecedented control over indoor airflow, humidity levels and temperatures. Infinity Touch Control Thermostat Offers Ultimate Climate Control Solutions... Read More

Curious About the Air Quality in Monmouth County? Brown’s Heating and Cooling Has the Latest Report

Although the air quality in Monmouth County, NJ has gotten better over the last year, once again, New Jersey still ranks among the unhealthiest in the nation. According to a new report, “State of the Air,” issued by the American Lung Association, due to the high concentrations of ground-level ozone pollution (smog), NJ gets poor marks for air quality. Smog puts the health of seniors, young children and others with respiratory issues at great... Read More

Into Hot Water: Energy Efficient Solutions to Help You Save

Hot water is the second highest energy cost in a home after heating and cooling. Balancing hot water costs with comfort can be a challenge in developing energy efficient solutions for a home, especially in the morning during the costliest energy rush: shower time. Showers use more of your supply of hot water than any other activity in a home. The average shower uses 17.2 gallons and lasts 8.2 minutes at the average flow rate of 2.1 gallons per minute.... Read More

Landlord or Tenant: Who’s Responsible for HVAC Service and Maintenance Needs?

A home requires a lot of maintenance to keep it running safely and efficiently. As a homeowner, you know the struggles of endless work around the house. But what if you’re renting your property? As a landlord, how do you handle home maintenance needs such as HVAC service? Who’s Responsible for Common HVAC Service and Maintenance Needs? Here are a few common home maintenance responsibilities and who is typically responsible for each: Changing the... Read More

5 Benefits of Ductless Heating and Cooling Systems

You’ve probably heard of ductless heating and cooling systems. Maybe you’ve seen these smaller indoor units installed high up on walls in homes, restaurants or offices. But do you know about their amazing benefits? Our experts have the lowdown on ductless heating and cooling for home or business and how they can help to keep you comfortable (and energy efficient) all year-round.  Of course, the decision to install will be different for everyone,... Read More

How Can I Save on Air Conditioning Installation?

Just as with any market, the key to getting the best price on an air conditioner for your home is to work opposite of the market. That means, the optimal way to save on your air conditioning installation is to have it installed during the off-season: spring and fall. What is the Best Time of Year to Get an Air Conditioning Installation? Sometimes you simply can’t choose when you need to replace your old HVAC unit. But with the right knowledge, you... Read More

Combat Rising Refrigerant Costs with a Pre-season Air Conditioner Tune Up

Even though the HVAC industry has been experiencing some amazing technological advances over the past several years, it still faces a steep challenge: rising refrigerant costs. Here are five simple tips to help you combat this shocking expense from lowering daily energy usage to scheduling your pre-season air conditioner tune up…all without sacrificing an ounce of comfort in the process. Rising Refrigerant Costs Because of a government mandated... Read More

5 Green Plumbing Repair and Water Conservation Tips to Celebrate Earth Day

Committed to going green and making environmentally conscious choices this Earth Month? We’ve got ya covered. Here are five simple plumbing repair and conservation tips to help you save water and expenses throughout April and all year long. 1. Inspect Your Bill According to the EPA, the average American family of four uses more than 300 gallons of water per day at home. About 70 percent of this occurs indoors from the toilet (24%), shower (20%),... Read More

Safety Tips for Your Home Generator

Any New Jersey homeowner knows that power outages are eminent. A powerful nor’easter recently knocked out power to thousands in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware, and no matter when it happens, it can be a frightening event, especially if severe weather is right outside your door. But thankfully, there’s another option to being left in the cold and dark: a whole home generator. Severe weather such as heavy snow, sleet, rain and wind can cause... Read More

Looking for a New AC? Understanding Energy Star & CEE Guidelines

In today’s eco-conscious environment, everyone is looking for ways to be more energy efficient. From hybrid vehicles to environmentally-friendly HVAC solutions, “going green” is not just a trend, it has quickly become the new norm. But how do you know which products to choose? When it comes to understanding your air conditioning unit efficiency, take a look at the Energy Star and CEE guidelines first. What are the Energy Star and CEE Guidelines?... Read More

Don’t Let Your Heating System Become an Energy Vampire

Do you know how to spot an energy vampire? They’re sneaky phantoms that could be lurking in every room of your house, draining energy at this very moment. From old appliances to inefficient heating systems, energy vampires consume power even when they’re on stand-by mode or turned off. Since they’re infamous for wasting power, you can also expect that they’re going to drain your wallet at the same time. Here are some tips on how you can spot... Read More

4 Essential Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Contractor

  Hiring a Contractor Choosing the right contractor to do the job is just as important as purchasing the best equipment for your home or business. Sure, you might have bought the best hot water heater on the market, but if it’s poorly installed or maintained, you may face serious problems in the years ahead. Additionally, if you’re facing the possibility of a massive repair, it’s critical to ensure you make the right choice when it comes... Read More

Maximizing Home Comfort: Do You Know the Recommended Relative Humidity for Your Home?

Maximizing comfort is a priority for homeowners and businesses, especially in the middle of a New Jersey winter. Managing the relative humidity in a home or office, therefore, should also be a top priority. No matter what season we’re in, the levels of humidity in the air can affect occupant comfort in addition to how a heating and air conditioning unit functions. But before we dive into some simple tips for managing relative humidity in your home... Read More

Need an Emergency Plumber in NJ? We’ve Got Ya Covered.

No matter if you’ve got a clogged drain or your facing a flooded basement, if you find yourself in a situation where you think you might need an emergency plumber in NJ, it can feel very overwhelming. It’s not only frightening to think about the mess that could happen to your home with a plumbing emergency but also the lasting damages…if you don’t get help fast. Not to worry, Brown’s offers emergency plumbing services in New Jersey 24/7.... Read More

Slash Commercial Utility Bills by Installing a High Efficiency Furnace

In the typical energy bill, heating and cooling accounts for approximately 60% of the total costs; they can really cut into profits. Nothing can impact a business’s utility bill quite as much as improving the heating system. By installing a high efficiency furnace, small businesses will not only cut costs (before it cuts profits), but also improve the quality of indoor air and comfort of environment. Save Money by Replacing an Old Unit and Installing... Read More

Hosting? 7 Comfort and Heating Tips for Holiday Parties

Hosting an elegant holiday gathering? Throwing an ugly Christmas sweater party? Whether you’re organizing a fancy sit-down dinner, cocktail party at the office or even a casual game night at home with friends, we know you’re doing everything you can to make sure your guests stay comfortable all night long. These deceptively simple, stress-free holiday party secrets and heating tips from the comfort specialists at Brown’s will help you save money... Read More

Sold! Winterize Plumbing in Your Vacant Home

Congratulations! You just sold your house and you’re packing up to move out! While you’re checking off your long moving to-do list, don’t forget about winterization. A vacant home must be winterized and closed properly for the cold season ahead to prevent chaos while it’s left sitting empty. To winterize plumbing properly, it’s best to hire a professional plumber otherwise you may run the risk of frozen pipes and flooding that can severely... Read More

Homeowner’s Plumbing Maintenance Checklist

Homeowners can catch minor problems before they become a major mess with some simple plumbing maintenance tips. It is the best preventative measure you can take for your pipes and it all starts with a visual inspection. Inspect Check faucets in the kitchen and bathroom for drips or leaks. Look at your outside faucets for leaks, too. Although pipes are designed for durability, they can still crack under pressure with freezing temperatures. Look for... Read More

Key Commercial Heating Trends for 2016

Space heating is the largest energy end-use in the U.S. commercial and residential sectors, accounting for 40% of total energy consumption. Because of that, commercial heating and cooling choices can make or break energy efficiencies – and budgets – for a business. More and more, we’re seeing comfort trends that were once reserved for the home, come into the office space. These key commercial heating trends are helping facilities to run more... Read More

3 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Generator

Did you know that the average power outage lasts over 220 minutes? That means you could potentially be left without running water, heat, refrigeration, internet, security systems, electricity and lights for more than three and a half hours. Thankfully, all those inconveniences are entirely preventable with a generator. If you have back-up electricity, you may think you’re in the clear…but how can you be so sure? Depending on its age and how many... Read More

Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Home Generator

It’s hurricane season. But it’s not just any hurricane season. Experts are forecasting that this year will be the strongest hurricane season since Sandy in 2012. The National Hurricane Center’s Atlantic Hurricane Season Outlook is warning of as many as 17 named storms to develop in the next few months. Are you prepared for the possible power outage that often comes along with hurricanes? One way to protect your home and your family is with a... Read More

Relatively Speaking… Do You Know the Recommended Relative Humidity for Your Home?

Dry, chapped lips. Static electricity. Frequent colds. These are all signs of low humidity levels synonymous with winter months. Balancing relative humidity is one very important factor in achieving optimal indoor comfort levels, yet it’s one of the least understood. Let’s take a look at the definition of relative humidity, recommended levels and what you can do about it. What is Relative Humidity? Relatively speaking… relative humidity indicates... Read More

Remodeling a Kitchen or Bathroom: Choose Money Saving Plumbing Products

Dreaming about remodeling a kitchen or bathroom with shiny faucets, new appliances and gleaming countertops? It’s easy to get excited about upgrading your home, but it can also be a big project with big decisions… that can make a big impact. It’s important to realize that when you’re out searching for appliances and fixtures, your choices will not only be affecting how your space looks once the remodel is complete. Brown’s Heating, Cooling... Read More

Celebrating National Furnace Tune-Up Month

Summer’s almost over and the first day of autumn is right around the corner. With the change of seasons comes an annual reminder to get your home and business ready for the cooler New Jersey weather. September is National Furnace Tune-Up Month (apparently, it’s also National Blueberry Popsicle Month, but that’s beside the point). Every fall, residents and business owners should schedule their furnace tune-up before the heating season even if... Read More

Clean a Clogged Drain with Baking Soda and Other Hacks Around the House

From stormy summer rain, plenty of family BBQs, endless weekend visitors, and all those extra showers, our home’s plumbing systems work overtime this time of year. Fortunately, we have a few tricks up our sleeve, like cleaning a clogged drain with baking soda, to keep your house in tip-top shape. Grandma’s Hack: Clean a Clogged Drain with Baking Soda Vinegar and Baking Soda mix Ahh, good ol’ grandma. Her vinegar and baking soda recipe hack works... Read More

Battling Building Energy Efficiency for Middletown Commercial Heating and Air

Have you noticed that your company’s energy bills have been slowly rising over the years? Is your Middletown commercial heating and air conditioning not working as strong as it did in the past? If you’re like most businesses, the answer is probably (*sigh*) “yes.” Even the most energy efficient commercial buildings can start losing energy as years go by. But when armed with the right information, you can battle building energy efficiency starting... Read More

Let There Be Light! Stay Powered Up with These Top 5 Generator Savings

Storms are no stranger to New Jersey. The Great Northeast Blackout fifty years ago affected 30 million people and this summer we’ve already seen our fair share. Just last month, a fast-moving storm knocked out power to more than 40,000 homes and businesses across South Jersey. From heavy rain, flash flooding, high wind gusts, lightning, fallen trees and even extended heat waves, weather-related power outages can wreak havoc. Thankfully generator... Read More

Cooling Your Home through Proper Ventilation

Americans spend about 90 percent of their time indoors, and in the many cases, research shows that the indoor air quality (IAQ) can be worse than it is outside. Because of this, the atmosphere inside your home has a major impact on the health and safety of your family. Good home ventilation, however, will prevent excess moisture from accumulating in your home which can mitigate these health risks and protect the structural integrity of your home. Importance... Read More

Extend Your Hot Water Heater Lifespan

For many New Jersey residents, the only time they think of their water heater is when their hot shower suddenly turns cold. Regular maintenance can go a long way toward reducing the frequency and scale of repairs and even extends your hot water heater lifespan, avoiding early replacement. Find out how maintaining your hot water heater can affect its lifespan and give you fewer mornings of shockingly cold showers. Water Heater Basics A typical residential... Read More

Avoid Plumbing Problems While You’re Away! Remember to Put Your Plumbing on “Vacation-Mode”

It’s summer, which means that vacation season has officially begun. No matter the reason you take them, they’re certainly fun and relaxing in the moment (or at least, they should be), but according to some studies, happiness quickly drops back to baseline levels for most people when they return. They call it post vacation depression. Why does this happen? What happens to our peaceful feeling? The post-vaca blues can be caused from coming... Read More

3 Factors Affecting Your Home Comfort (Hint: it’s more than just the temperature)

Your home is your sanctuary; a place where you should feel at ease and comfortable. But have you ever stopped to think about any of the other factors that can affect your home comfort (besides turning on your air conditioner?) It’s true, home comfort starts with temperature, but it actually involves so much more than just degrees. Other factors, like air quality and humidity also can have a big impact on comfort levels as well as your home’s environment. Read... Read More

10 Simple Water Conservation Tips

Water conservation isn’t only about going green this summer — it’s also a great way for residents to save some green on water bills, too. Did you know that on average, 10 gallons per day of your water footprint (14% of indoor usage) is lost to leaks?! Here are ten tips to keep both your water bill and mother nature happy: Become Aware – Check your water meter during a period of time when water isn’t being used. Make a note of the meter... Read More

5 HVAC Danger Signs and What to Do About Them

Your HVAC system is designed to make your home cool and comfortable, but sometimes things can go wrong…unbearably wrong (and hot). HVACs don’t last forever- 12 year on average, in fact. So, when HVAC danger signs show up, be prepared to take action. Is your HVAC trying to tell you something? Here is a list of common air conditioning warning signs you should not ignore and their likely causes. Learn the Top 5 HVAC Danger Signs of a System Breakdown 1.... Read More

Ever Experience Fruit Flies or Drain Flies? Here’s How to Avoid these Pesky Little Insects

More than likely you’ve experienced these tiny, annoying little bugs one time or another. Drain flies and fruit flies are a nuisance. Once they appear in your home (most likely near showers or sinks), they begin to breed and multiply…seeming like they’ll disappear. But don’t panic, they’re normal (and it doesn’t mean you’re living in a dirty home) but once you understand where they’re coming from, you can address the problem and get... Read More

What the Heck is a Condensing Coil? Get to Know Your HVAC System Components and How They Work

The names of your HVAC system parts can sound confusing, especially when you are getting your system serviced and there are parts that need to be replaced or repaired. It’s not something we often think about- you flip the switch and expect it to do its job. And it should. But part of investing in and maintaining a residential heating and cooling unit is understanding how it’s made and how the parts work together to bring you the comfort you desire.... Read More

Discolored Hot Water: Here’s What it Means

Have you ever experienced a flow of discolored hot water streaming from your faucet? Don’t be alarmed just yet. There are a couple of possible reasons why discolored hot water occurs, and understanding how to identify the cause can help you clear up the issue. Your first step is to check your hot water heater’s age. Even a water heater that’s only a few years old can still spew out discolored water without it meaning that the unit is ready for... Read More

What a Drag – Why Your Inefficient AC Isn’t Pulling Its Weight

Your home air conditioner may be working a lot harder than it needs to. But don’t get dragged down…slay inefficiencies for good! Who doesn’t want a more productive air conditioner that produces home comfort (like a boss)? We know you do! The professionals at Brown’s Heating, Cooling and Plumbing are masters of all your home comfort needs and we know just what to do if your air conditioner isn’t pulling its weight. It’s not always easy... Read More

Get Your Money Back! 2016 Air Conditioning Rebates in NJ

By implementing energy efficient choices at home and your place of business, you can not only save energy costs and reduce your carbon footprint, but you’ll save additional money, too! Learn how to take advantage of incentives like air conditioning rebates in NJ as well as federal and New Jersey tax credits by choosing to install energy efficient products. The more energy savings efforts you decide to implement, the greater the incentive you may... Read More

Professional Plumber Secrets: Hard Bathroom Habits to Break

“I guess I thought you’d be here forever… You don’t know what you got until it’s gone And I found out a little too late ….. Now being without you takes a lot of getting used to… … you’re a hard habit to break” Yup, we are in fact quoting the classic 80’s song, Hard Habit to Break, by Chicago. Like they say, you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone. But the truth is…you knew exactly what... Read More

What Kinds of Air Filters Can I Use for My Air Conditioner?

If you’ve ever replaced the air filters in your home or business air conditioning system, you may have noticed that there are an overwhelming number of different options available. Some are thick, some are pleated, and some are flat. Disposable vs reusable…which type of HVAC air filter is right for you? Choosing the right air filter can make a difference in the efficiency of your air conditioning system and improve your indoor air quality. Our... Read More

Considering a Split Air Conditioning System? Ask Yourself These 2 Important Questions Before Making Any Decisions

Split air conditioning systems have a lot of amazing benefits. They are easier to install, better for the environment, and cost less to operate in the long run. They also don’t make use of any ducting, so they are technically more energy efficient in this regard. Mini split AC systems are also quieter than traditional HVAC units. However, before you decide to have one of these units installed, you need to consider a few important things to see if... Read More

You Won’t Believe What We Can See with a Pipe Video Inspection

One of the most important systems in your home is the network of pipes that brings water to and from it. Don’t believe us? Read on! Plumbing systems need to be maintained or you may experience dreaded clogs can cause inconveniences like decreased water pressure and giant messes like burst pipes. Deteriorating pipes can also cause leaks that will cost a homeowner greatly in the long run. The good news? All of these things can all be seen and corrected... Read More

Beat the Heat! Pre-Season Air Conditioning Service Monmouth County NJ

Is your home ready for the sizzling hot summer months? As you might assume, homeowners need to take many things into consideration so they are properly prepared to deal with the heat. Because a home’s AC unit is going to be depended upon during the summer months, it needs to be properly serviced and maintained before it gets used every day. The last thing you want to experience is a hot, stuffy house in the middle of July. How can you beat the heat?... Read More

How Does the Water Heater Mandate Affect Your Business’ Building?

We have some important news for small business owners in New Jersey. As of April 2015, a water heater mandate was implemented in the state of New Jersey. This mandate means that any water heaters that are produced after this date must comply with certain rules and regulations or they cannot be sold and used by companies. What Does This Mean for Your Business? While many business owners will complain about having to spend money to upgrade their current... Read More

Prevent DIY Disasters! Call a Professional Plumber in Middletown NJ

The modern appeal of “do-it-yourself” projects and crafty Pinterest projects have led to some epic, messy and downright disastrous fails. While everyone wants to claim be the lifesaver at any party with their rad hacks and “wow”-inducing home-improvement solutions, it’s just not a good idea. Most times we end up seeing the funny side of DIY disasters but sometimes they can be dangerous, which is why it’s a better idea to call a... Read More

Get Optimal Inside Humidity in Summer Months

No matter what kind of climate you live in, the levels of humidity in the air can directly affect the comfort levels in your home as well as the proper functioning of your air conditioning and heating units. Managing inside humidity in summer should be a priority for every New Jersey homeowner, especially when it comes to tailoring your cooling preferences to meet your family’s home comfort needs. Inside Humidity: The Basics Find the right level... Read More

Simply By the Press of a Button: Businesses Save Big with Modern Thermostats

Energy savings has become more important than ever for businesses these days. As we celebrate Earth month this April, we bring our attention toward saving energy and decreasing cooling costs by using the right kind of modern thermostats (and using them correctly). Because to achieve maximum energy efficiency, you must first master your thermostat and it starts by the press of a button. Save Big and Stay Comfortable with Modern Thermostats Technology... Read More

Can You Flush Kleenex Tissues Down The Toilet? 8 Things You Should NEVER Flush Down The Toilet

Treasured by parents of toddlers for quick cleanup jobs, those so-called “flushable” wet wipes have been wreaking havoc on sewer pipes all over the country (not to mention the impact on the environment). But they’re not the only thing being flushed in question. Just because something can be flushed doesn’t mean it should be. You can flush your t-shirt down the toilet, but it will definitely plug up your pipes and clog up the sewer system.... Read More

Our Common HVAC Question Answered: What Do Tune Ups Do?

Your spring cleaning list probably includes things like shampooing the carpet, dusting off the book shelves and cleaning the windows. And don’t forget to include an air conditioner tune-up to your list. Because, before you know it, the hot New Jersey weather will be here. We understand you might be curious, wondering why? “What do tune ups do that I can’t do on my own?” A professional tune up helps to prevent unnecessary damage from happening... Read More

MERV, SEER, HEPA, AFUE, MPR – Deciphering Acronyms for your HVAC System

Trying to decipher technical HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) information can be confusing. Whether you’re in the market to install a new air conditioning system or just trying to change your air filter, learning the basics behind HVAC acronyms and the terms of the trade can help you understand how it operates and keep it running efficiently. HVAC System Acronyms AFUE: Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency AFUE is a measure of a gas furnace’s... Read More

Top 3 Secrets from a Brown’s Plumber in Middletown

If you’ve ever experienced a plumbing emergency, you know how terrible they can be! Thankfully there are a few very simple things you can do to prevent the need for an emergency plumber in Middletown middle-of-the-night call. Below, our professional plumbers have compiled the top three plumbing secrets to reducing the risk of an unforeseeable plumbing disaster. When Pipes Freeze Over 1. In New Jersey, the temperatures can easily get below freezing... Read More

Reliable Heat Pump Repair Middletown NJ

Homeowners need to take care of their investments or they will have some serious problems to deal with in the future…it’s just a part of owning a home. One of the main systems that needs to be maintained and taken care of is the heat pump. Essentially, a heat pump replaces your heater and an air conditioning system because it provides both cool air in the summer and warm air during the winter; one of the reasons they are so popular. Unlike conventional... Read More

When You Need Emergency Monmouth County 24 Hour Plumbing

Broken pipes, sour smells, drainage issues…oh my! Emergency plumbing needs can happen in the home or in the office and they can (surprise) happen at any time day or night. Since not all problems occur during normal business hours; you can rely on Brown’s Monmouth County 24 hour plumbing services should the worst happen. So, save yourself the panic by researching your options now. Add Brown’s to your contact list so you won’t have to search... Read More

New Jersey Dryer Vent Cleaning – How it Works

Over time, your dryer vent will build up with link, reduce air flow and create a potential fire hazard. How do we prevent this? Quick and easy maintenance from Brown’s professional New Jersey dryer vent cleaning service will have a large impact on the safety of your dryer and efficiencies as well. A clean dryer vent means that the dryer can function properly, allowing for more energy-efficient usage and lower monthly utility costs. Throughout winter,... Read More

Recommended Thermostat Settings For Winter and Summer

Heating bills can soar during a New Jersey winter and the cost of cooling a home can be just chilling. Did you know you can save some serious money on utilities just by the touch of one little button? When the cold weather snaps, too many of us crank the heat way up not realizing how much energy and money is wasted in the process. Below, our experts have put together some great tips to save big with recommended thermostat settings for winter and summer. Saving... Read More

Options for Heating your Garage or Workshop

If you’re lucky enough to have a big enough garage that has enough space for more than storing boxes and keeping your car out of the snow, you know they can be used for so much more! Whether you use your garage space for woodworking projects or working out, read our guide below to heating your garage and creating a comfortable work (or workout) space. Even if you don’t have your “dream garage” or the ultimate “man-cave,” these tips still... Read More

Winter Plumbing Tips

The days are getting warmer, but winter’s not yet over. Unfortunately, a home’s plumbing system can be affected by winter temperatures, resulting in the need for costly repairs and maintenance. While this can be troubling to think about, following a few simple winter plumbing guidelines can greatly reduce the risk that the system will malfunction no matter what the weather brings. Be Prepared with Supplies on Hand Sometimes a standard clog can... Read More

Whole House Humidifiers: How They Help and How They Work

Keeping a house warm is important for keeping everyone inside comfortable and safe. But a running your heating unit nonstop can also lead to a home feeling dry and stuffy. Dry air can even be a problem during the colder months of the year, and many NJ homeowners are opting to use whole house humidifiers to create a more comfortable environment. How Does a Whole House Humidifier Work? By spreading a bit of moisture throughout the air, a humidifier... Read More

What Is Forced Air Heating?

Having a high-quality heating unit is crucial for keeping a home or business comfortable when the temperature drops. While there are many types of heating options on the market, most are concerned with finding the safest and most cost-effective choice. Forced air heating is popular due for these very reasons, as well as for its ability to circulate heat and warm up hard-to-reach areas. Given its ability to be implemented to help multiple popular heating... Read More

Reliable Heating Service in Monmouth County

The winter months can be exciting. Those who love the beauty of a fresh snowfall, sledding with the kids or just curling up next to the fire with a good book, often look forward to this time of year. However, given that winter is known for plummeting temperatures, many homeowners dread dealing with the challenges of heating their home properly and maintaining their plumbing system once the frigid chill hits. Having a reliable heating service to call... Read More

Real-Time Visuals with Video Pipe Inspection Service

Everyone has had to tackle a stubborn clog at one time or another. Whether it’s due to sludge in the pipes or cold weather causing water to freeze inside, a clogged pipe can not only lead to messy sanitation issues but also cause certain utilities to become inoperable for a period of time. Even the most powerful drain cleaning solvents and tools available at many retailers can sometimes struggle to deal with a difficult clog. This can be very frustrating,... Read More

Benefits of a Whole House Generator

Mother Nature can cause some serious problems for homeowners. Certain weather conditions can lead to power outages. While some areas are more likely to experience outages than others, nearly any location is susceptible to losing power at one point or another. While this can always be an annoyance, it can sometimes be very dangerous as well. Those who depend on medical equipment or who have infants need to have reliable electricity at all times. For... Read More

How Often Do You Need a Dryer Vent Cleaning?

Most people rarely think about performing maintenance and upkeep on devices like the dryer. While other amenities can be tinkered with by knowledgeable DIY enthusiasts, devices like the dryer are usually best left to professionals for servicing. A regular cleaning of the lint screen helps to keep the lint away from your dryer’s motor, but did you know that the majority of all your lint actually goes through the lint screen and ends up sticking to... Read More

Simple Plumbing Renovations

We know the feeling: you step into your bathroom at home, and you feel unsettled. Not because of something you ate, but because of those tired, old bathroom fixtures. And then your stomach sinks further from thinking about how much plumbing renovations could cost. But not all plumbing renovations require a complete intrusive tear down. The kind of remodeling that could make your head spin usually requires a complete pipe replacement or rerouting.... Read More

Troubleshooting Common Water Heater Problems

Water heaters are an invaluable item in any home. They are depended upon to provide hot water for a variety of functions, including washing dishes, cleaning clothes, and bathing. Without the convenience of a properly functioning water heater, we would have to resort primitive means of heating our water…or taking very cold showers. That’s why water heater problems are more than just a nuisance. They’re a vital issue usually requiring immediate... Read More

Tank or Tankless: Choosing Your New Hot Water Heater

You know you need to heat the water inside your home, but how it gets hot is hardly a thought in your mind. What is the best method to get the hot water your home needs? What is most cost efficient choice? And what is safest for the environment? These are just a few questions to consider when you’re deciding between a tank and tankless water heater. The trained hot water heater professionals at Brown’s will try to help you decide. Tank Water... Read More

How Does a Heat Pump Work?

Baby, it’s cold outside. While there’s not really anything we can do about that, we can affect things on the inside to help deal with the chill outside. Specifically, we can help you condition the air indoors to make things more comfortable. The good news is, you have a lot of options when it comes to warming indoor temperatures. However, when it comes to determining which option is right for you and your living space, the research can be overwhelming.... Read More

Winter Maintenance for Your Whole Home Generator

Hopefully you haven’t had a reason to use your home generator for quite a while. However, if a generator sits for long periods of time it can accumulate dust, dirt and possibly small pieces of debris that could interfere with the system. Imagine not having power in an emergency. You can avoid this scenario by making sure your whole home generator is schedule for maintenance. Since the whole reason of having a generator is to supply your home or... Read More

Commercial Heating Repair: Getting Ahead of Problems

With the winter freeze in the air, the last thing you want to do is arrive at your place of business only to enter an equally chilly building. Getting ahead of an ailing commercial heating repair is a much better scenario than being without the heat your business needs, especially at this time of year when the mercury outside is dipping down to sub-zero levels. Business owners have enough to worry about on a daily basis, their commercial heating system... Read More

3 Things to Consider Prior to Your Heating Installation

Getting cold? Yeah, we know the feeling. Every year about this time, and sometimes even earlier, the nip in the air turns into bitter cold. And that’s when it becomes time to give serious thought to your heating installation. But whatever your installation needs are, even if you’re not 100% sure what those needs are, it’s not something to rush into. Be sure to do your research because there are a number of things to take into consideration first.... Read More

Benefits of Zone Controlled Heating

Living in New Jersey, we all know and understand first hand just how important effective home heating is – especially throughout the coldest time of the year. Though we’ve had a mild start to the season, the winter months can be quite intense, and having a well-functioning heating system in your home is vital to ensuring your family’s comfort throughout the coldest of nights. Oftentimes, however, residents find it difficult to keep their entire... Read More

Fixing Water Heater Problems in the Winter

During the winter season, every homeowner knows that being prepared is vital. If you live in New Jersey, you know that you need to have a snow shovel in your supply shed and snow tires in your vehicle, but there are other factors which should be considered when the temperature drops. Water heater maintenance will ensure that everything runs smoothly during the cold winter months – though many people don’t consider this until the unit experiences... Read More

Save on Energy Costs with These 4 Thermostat Tips

When the temperature drops, many New Jersey residents can be quick to rush to their thermostat. While the natural instinct of most homeowners is to immediately turn up the temperature, few ever stop to think that they can reduce heating bills by simply upgrading their thermostat or at least using it more efficiently. Even the most robust and powerful heating units can benefit from the right thermostat. Every homeowner and business owner wants to reduce... Read More

When You Need Emergency Plumbing in Monmouth County, We’re Here!

Most of us are willing to fix a clogged sink or a leaky faucet, but serious plumbing problems are better left to the plumbing professionals. Unfortunately, sometimes plumbing problems can occur at the most inopportune times – okay, let’s face it… there’s never a good time for a plumbing problem, is there? These issues can be very inconvenient and waiting to get a proper resolution can be very stressful. This is why emergency plumbing services... Read More

NJ Experts in Carrier Furnace Repair

The furnace is an important aspect of any home or business. This is especially true during the winter season, as everyone wants a way to combat the cold and keep their home and business comfortable. Having a functional furnace is something that many people take for granted…that is, until it malfunctions. Carrier furnaces are a very popular model in both residential and commercial facilities due to their efficient and economical nature. Getting quality... Read More

Thawing Frozen Pipes During the Winter

When the winter season begins, every smart homeowner knows that it is important to prepare. While nearly everyone is quick to have their heater serviced or their snow tires put on to combat the weather, frozen pipes are a very common issue that many people neglect to prepare for properly. Even those who do perform a thorough amount of preparation may find that their pipes can still freeze during the colder nights of the year. While this problem can... Read More

Recommended Thermostat Settings for Winter

Winter is a beautiful season that many people enjoy. However, holidays and snow-related sports aren’t the only things that the colder months of the year are known for. Many people struggle to contend with the frigid temperatures and keep their home comfortable. Even those who have high-powered heating units in their home or business know that combating the cold can sometimes result in hot and uncomfortable conditions indoors or costly heating bills.... Read More

The 3 Most Common Winter Plumbing Problems

Every homeowner knows the winter season is a time which requires certain types of preparation. Winter can be an enjoyable time provided that the proper precautionary measures are taken to prevent common plumbing problems. While nearly all homeowners are quick to stock up on heater fluid and snow shovels to handle the cold and snow, other types of potential problems are less overt, but just as serious. Plumbing issues can be very severe during the... Read More

How to Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning in Your Home

Every smart homeowner knows that keeping their place of residence safe is extremely important. While most will protect against traditional hazards with things like fire insurance or security systems, other types of dangers still exist. Though these threats may be less common, they are still very hazardous. Carbon monoxide poisoning is a serious concern as it can happen in any location. When fuel is burnt, carbon monoxide is produced. Though this gas... Read More

Winterize Outdoor Plumbing and Save!

Winters often mean the onset of many beautiful things. It could mean snow falling as you sit beside your window drinking hot cocoa. It could mean chilly nights sitting beside a crackling fire. It could mean busted outdoor plumbing hoses and costly emergency repairs. You’ve probably noticed that only one of these things isn’t actually something to look forward to. However, NJ residents can prevent unexpected plumbing problems with some simple maintenance... Read More

Hot Water Repair Or Replacement: Follow These Simple Steps

Your hot water system is probably not at the forethought of your mind every day. You probably don’t stop to consider all the machinations behind the scenes when you turn on the faucet. Like most people, you might take that hot water for granted and don’t really think much about your hot water unit. In fact, many people don’t think about their hot water system at all until it becomes a plumbing problem. Don’t wait until that point; get regular... Read More

8 Winter Storm Safety Tips

Winter can be a wonderful time of the year. You can enjoy winter activities such as sledding down a picturesque snowy hill, strolling through a quiet park after a fresh dusting of snow and simply delight in the warmth of the fire during those cooler nights. But it’s not always hot chocolate and crackling fires; winter can have a frigid side as well. Winter storm safety is a key point to consider as one powerful storm could wreak havoc on your power,... Read More

Stop Heat Loss This Winter with Reliable Heating

Give yourself an early present this year and check that you have a reliable heating and air system currently functioning in your New Jersey home. Now that the cooler season is truly upon us, your heating system will become a necessity sooner than you think. Perish the thought, but it’s true. Unfortunately, it’s time to consider that your heating system might need a thorough cleaning or assessment by a reliable HVAC professional. To ensure that... Read More

10 Common Hot Water Heating and Boiler Problems

A broken boiler can cause chaos, especially in the cold New Jersey winter months. Because your boiler is responsible for hot water heating as well as heating your home, a boiler problem can be one major inconvenience. A properly maintained furnace can be serviced before bigger problems develop. But even if you do take good care of your boiler, problems can still occur. Hot Water Heating and Boiler System Complications Below are 10 of the most common... Read More

How Air Duct Cleaning Can Improve Home HVAC Efficiency

Air duct cleaning not only improves the air quality of a home, but it can also boost your HVAC efficiency. Brown’s Heating, Cooling and Plumbing provides air duct cleaning services to help you save money with better system efficiency and give you and your family cleaner air to breath. Routine maintenance can create an energy efficient HVAC and lengthen the life of your equipment. Creating HVAC Efficiency Tucked neatly behind your walls and under... Read More

Best Plumbing in NJ Covers Common Toilet Troubles

5 Signs That Something is Wrong with Your Toilet Your toilet is one of those things that gets used daily but we don’t give it much thought…that is, until something goes wrong. It is one of the biggest necessities that we have in our homes- if you’re facing toilet troubles, you’ll need repair and maybe even a replacement. Call on Brown’s, the best plumbing in NJ, we’re available 24/7 for emergencies and offer warranty backed plumbing repair... Read More

6 Signs of a Reliable Family Heating and Cooling Service Company

Whether you’re deciding on what to choose off the menu for dinner or looking for a reliable family heating and cooling service company; too many options can be overwhelming. It’s important for New Jersey residents to find a way to navigate through all the options to find a heating company that is professional, dependable and knowledgeable. Below we’ve covered 6 signs to be on the look-out for that will tell you that you’ve indeed found the... Read More

Prepare Your HVAC for Winter With Annual Heating Maintenance

Every year right around autumn we get a glimpse of winter. That cold snap that leaves you wondering, how summer flew by so quickly. One moment you’re buying school supplies, the next, Christmas decorations are hitting the stores. It’s no surprise, it happens every year. The changing temperatures, falling leaves and blustery days are all signs that winter is indeed soon arriving. Beyond preparing yourself for the onslaught of Christmas music for... Read More

Cold Snaps! Is Your Heating System Ready?

As the seasons change and summer gives way to fall, New Jersey weather can start to get unpredictable. In fact, the only thing you can be sure of are wild weather swings and sudden cold weather. Cold snaps are very real and can potentially lead to unexpected issues with your heating system. Take some precautions in your home to reduce the stress and strain on your HVAC unit and prepare yourself, and your home, for the inevitable NJ winter. Evaluate... Read More

What Is The Lifespan Of A Water Heater? Brown’s Professional Plumbers Explain

Regardless of whether you’ve just purchased your first home or you’ve been living in the same house since elementary school, you should consider the lifespan of your hot water heater. It cooperates with all the demands you put on it for hot water, and you would certainly notice it’s absence if it ever broke down. In fact, if you’re like most New Jersey homeowners, you probably don’t think about your water heater at all…until the shower... Read More

4 Common Misconceptions about Plumbing

There is a reason the show Mythbusters is as wildly popular as it is. It depicts the myths we all have come to believe or trust and deconstructs why those myths are “Confirmed” or “Busted”. Unfortunately, they have yet to cover the myths that surround residential plumbing. Maybe you’ve fallen victim to believing some of these “truths” yourself — but it’s time to clear up some of the most common fallacies when it comes to your pipes,... Read More

A Guide to Furnace Repair Troubleshooting

Although most furnace repair issues should be handled by a HVAC professional, NJ homeowners can take care of a few tasks on their own. If you’re experiencing a heater that’s not heating properly use this guide to help you troubleshoot and fix common problems. Note: the information below is for simple primary troubleshooting and preventative care. If ever in doubt, call a qualified furnace repair professional at Brown’s. Flow Be sure nothing... Read More

Is Your Man Cave Ready For Winter? Prepare Now With Annual Heating Maintenance!

As the days start to get shorter and the dark nights start getting longer (and cooler), our natural instinct kicks in to start preparing for winter. But, have no fear, the end of summer isn’t all that bad. Just think of Batman – he has his Bat Cave to escape to. And you? You have your man cave where you can relax and find solitude. Though design rules don’t typically apply in your Bat… uh, we mean, Man Cave, just remember to have the essentials:... Read More

Toilet Repair Tips: Don’t Flush This Down!

The toilet is used every single day…many times a day…by many different people. And not just for human waste. Unfortunately, we’ve seen too many people use the toilet as a trash can or target practice. From cell phones and credit cards to children’s toys and homework paper, our expert plumbers have seen it all. Toilet repair and plumbing services are our specialties (along with heating and cooling, of course). Flushing anything that’s not... Read More

Home Heating System in an Emergency: Choosing the Right Generator

Did you know that just 2% of Americans actually own whole house generators? Generators not only keep a family warm when the power goes out on a cold winter night but they also keep young children and elderly safe as well. While meteorologists try to predict upcoming storms, many of us are rarely fully prepared for a power outage. Natural gas-powered generators should be an essential part of every home in New Jersey. Since these generators run on natural... Read More

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